The Divine Feminine

I have no time for women. I have no time for men. These corporal forms are only temporary. Players for a game. They only restrict us if you think that is who you really are. They have value beyond anything else on our world but their significance is not what they look like or appear to be. Forget what you think you know about them. They are temples for change and not part of duality. We only need to ignite them.

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Celebrating Water

Celebrating World Water Day

We are all made of water, 50 – 70 %, it is a very important part of our physicality. We live in a water world which is over 70% salt water but even the land has water, as does the sky. It is a very important part of our environment.

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Fear is essentially a self inflicted injury

Everything we do effects everything and everyone around us. Love transmutes negativity effortlessly. Love is our hu-man essential nature. Our truth.

Once we have learned to express love unconditionally there is nothing that can stand against us. Our Light can illuminate even the darkest place.

To accomplish this we have to move beyond fear.
To master fear you need full control over your imagination.

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