Talking to the Earth

We are all Earth’s children even if we aren’t aware of it. We would not be here without her. She knows each and every seven point nearly seven billion of us. Talking to her is not mystical or special, it should be normal. We can all do it but have forgotten.

The Power of us

It’s interesting to see the implosion that is Hollywood. It reflects the Dark’s demise. Stories that once inspired are desecrated with impunity in a constant repetition, an attempt to regain control. Writing a new timeline but unfortunately for them that doesn’t work. His story –  is nearly always just fiction. News is much the same, …

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Living in 5D

I’m exploring the new way of being in 5D rather than three. It has it’s moments because the gap between the mind and your awareness is difficult to bridge. I am learning how to do it but it makes communicating with other people a little hard.