Living in 5D

I’m exploring the new way of being in 5D rather than three. It has it’s moments because the gap between the mind and your awareness is difficult to bridge. I am learning how to do it but it makes communicating with other people a little hard. Thinking is now way too slow. When I try to do it it takes ages, sometimes minutes for words to arrive. It can be hard and may make me appear stupid but that’s not really a problem, not to me anyway. I can slow down enough to communicate when I have to.

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This getting old thing is actually rather fun. It’s a bit like being a kid again. I have far less responsibility. I don’t have to make a living and can do what I like. Well that hasn’t changed but I don’t work in quite the same way. I am unaccountable. Nothing is urgent or particularly important. I only answer my phone when I feel like…. well I guess it’s just the same but I really don’t have to.

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Science like most things is controlled – we are only allowed certain understanding. I enjoy some of the mavericks within the scientific community who tell it how it is. They confirm my own conclusions derived from personal experience. I am not objective and considered barking mad but truth will out as they say. Science or rather scientists are discovering the intelligence of creation every day.

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Watch this space?

It’s always difficult to be different, to be swimming in the other direction. You get used to it but it’s not an easy journey. When your truth is nobody else’s that makes you tough. You become self contained. We are all One is a tricky concept to align. It can be done but you need to go high.

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The Tug…

The Light is growing brighter and in consequence the conflict we live in has heated up. Last month was a strong pull in the direction of the dark a last desperate effort to regain control. The equinox was a possible positive window and they were desperate to stop that from opening. It made life significantly uncomfortable for all of us. The veil was thinning and they tried desperately to sure it up and regain control. In some senses they have but that wont last for long….

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Cosmic Battles

In my last post I gave you my experience raw and undiluted. I said there was more well there was quite a lot more. Did I mention the cyst in my neck they found while taking me to bits. All pretty heavy stuff but it gets worse. The whole thing was an attack.

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