The Masters OF Light

The ascended Masters are Masters IN light. Their role here is to guide us. They form part of our Spiritual Hierarchy. The Elohim are sometimes called the Masters OF Light. They are beyond form. They radiate love in gratitude to all that is. Their role or perhaps part of it is to create and care for physicality. That means everything from the stars down at every level of existence, vibration and reality.

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Whales travel to the stars

We recently had a huge whale stranding in Golden Bay where I live. It’s an emotive issue we naturally feel for the whales and people rush to help them. In this particular incident over 500 people joined in but only 6o odd out of the 190 or so pilot whales were ‘rescued’. The whales often swim back if they are re-floated and people don’t understand why but I think I do.

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