Cosmic Battles

In my last post I gave you my experience raw and undiluted. I said there was more well there was quite a lot more. Did I mention the cyst in my neck they found while taking me to bits. All pretty heavy stuff but it gets worse. The whole thing was an attack.

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Feeling Blue

As out environment clears there is every likelihood that you will start receiving more information about yourSelf. It percolates in and will probably be a surprise. It will be so familiar that you will wonder why you hadn’t come across it before. It happened for me as a very natural progression of what I was doing.

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No Worries

Kiwis use this phrase quite often, it is a common response to practically anything. It also gives you a good idea about this little nation’s general attitude to life. It is not a put off, it is a genuine I can handle this whatever and they can.

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