Even Christians were good guys when they started. They had this peace and love thing going. Now I think I’ve I heard that before? We were well into that in the late sixties but like the Christians in their time for some reason the establishment didn’t like us and felt threatened. That created them and us. We were divided.

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Being Connected

We are at a rather crucial point in our ascension. The dark is cornered and at it’s most dangerous and yet we still go on.

I Am holding the light like never before, I do it all of the time. In every living moment awake and asleep.

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Duality is the discipline of opposites and has been our experience. It is no longer creation.

In my role as a way shower I have become unified.

The expression I am in creation no longer needs to oppose. There is no longer any need. It is only necessary to leave a path for negative energy to leave, to let it move away.

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The Divine Feminine

I have no time for women. I have no time for men. These corporal forms are only temporary. Players for a game. They only restrict us if you think that is who you really are. They have value beyond anything else on our world but their significance is not what they look like or appear to be. Forget what you think you know about them. They are temples for change and not part of duality. We only need to ignite them.

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