His Story

I have been watching some alternative media about New Zealand talking about the things that are here from our past and it puzzles me. People are happy to tell us that we are all one and Divine and live in multiple dimensions but they still revert to their programming when they examine the physical. I have discovered many interesting things as I have wandered around the world.

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We humans have an extraordinary potential, we literally create our lives with every thought word and deed. It is therefore very important that we focus in the right place. As a writer I feel this responsibility and have learned the hard way what happens when I write about uncomfortable things: I experience them. Comfortable things have happened too, there is balance.

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So in my last post I told you I found what I call the Buddha inside, what is that part of you that is Divine, doing?

Experiencing all of creation.

Cognising that was fun and led to extreme bliss. I can’t say he/she was experiencing because gender is a lower level relative experience even though this being is me and male. I’m messing with this to bring it into every aspect of who I am. It feels quite natural but huge.

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The Power of us

It’s interesting to see the implosion that is Hollywood. It reflects the Dark’s demise. Stories that once inspired are desecrated with impunity in a constant repetition, an attempt to regain control. Writing a new timeline but unfortunately for them that doesn’t work. His story –  is nearly always just fiction. News is much the same, I check in once in a while to see how things are progressing. Still a mess, mostly not worth reading.

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The difference between us the Light Beings and the Dark is very simple; they are not connected to the Divine Source of all Creation. They have disconnected themselves. They therefore have no creativity. They can adjust and manipulate and are very clever at it but because they lack Love, the nature of the Divine, they have a tenancy to distort. They lean towards self interest and control which is the exact opposite of Love.

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