Star Gazing

The journey of awakening starts when you become aware that all is not well in the world. Investigating this you uncover a horrendous web of intrigue and lies. Moving on eventually you look for solutions. Is anyone one doing anything about the mess?

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Visitor 2035 in concert

Being visionary

Time is a misconception, it doesn’t exist. If you can remember past lives you can remember the future especially when that is where you come from. It can be a two edged sword to know what is coming next. It can be very hard waiting for what you know is going to happen. When is always impossible to predict.

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A vision for our NOW

Each one of us has a speciality, a unique gift which we bring here for others.
When we put them all together we have everything we need.I have been reading my posts as a way to self refer and realized that it’s time to properly reveal mySelf. Up until now I have been very conservative. I have not really let myself go. I haven’t really mentioned half the stuff I know about.

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