Selfless love

I have been somewhat depleted after a recent battle with the dark. In my own way I gave as good as I got and undid a major hazard. Such is my role and I usually recover. That is only optional, we each create our own destiny.


We are been given many new opportunities and they require a slightly different focus – well actually a complete reset to our thinking. We need to change our energy.

Hack attacks

My site is regularly attacked. I wonder why? It’s not really an important source of information. I share anything I feel like in my own peculiar way but I’m just a writer, not famous or influential.

His Story

I have been watching some alternative media about New Zealand talking about the things that are here from our past and it puzzles me. People are happy to tell us that we are all one and Divine and live in multiple dimensions but they still revert to their programming when they examine the physical.