Celebrating Water

Celebrating World Water Day

We are all made of water, 50 – 70 %, it is a very important part of our physicality. We live in a water world which is over 70% salt water but even the land has water, as does the sky. It is a very important part of our environment.

It spirals as it moves and does not naturally flow in straight lines. It expands when it freezes, you can’t compress it and it can even flow uphill in the right circumstances. It is something we take for granted but we can’t live without it.

Water is also capable of awareness. It is intrinsically alive. That is its naturally state. You cannot kill it, no matter what you do. It can always be revived. It can hold vibration and spread it to itself, it is a singularly wondrous vehicle for change.

Part of the changes that are coming is the resurrection of our environment. It may not be as hard as people think. We have started a global project which is already happening right around the world. Water is very good at holding intelligence. We gave it some.

Scientist are still discovering things about water. This video is a glimpse of what may be coming.

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