Light is what I am, is what we all are. I feel it. A prism is my all time favourite thing, that and rainbows. They always lift me up.

My name is Ray and I have always worked with light, with light shows, lasers and with computer graphics. My business partner started calling me the Rayman long before computer games had begun to crawl out of their box.

In 1998 I had a life changing experience, I met and spoke with one of the multidimensional Beings known as the Els. They had a task for me and this El came to ask me if I would take it on. This action was highly unusual because they don’t interact with humans very often. The Els are a sub group of the Elohim, who are sometimes referred to as the Creator Gods. They are the Beings who are responsible for physicality, all of it. They create everything whole worlds, whole galaxies, whole concepts. They are Beings of light as we are but they are beyond form as we know it and have power that we cannot even conceive at this moment in our evolution.

Now these are fairly dramatic statements and go against more or less everything we have been programmed to believe. I understand that but your belief system is your responsibility not mine. I am just sharing my experiences. I worked with the Els for about eight years and I won’t say I got to know them. I don’t think a human is capable of that yet but in that time I assimilated a great deal of knowing and raised my personal awareness dramatically. It was very difficult and sometimes extremely uncomfortable but was always very rewarding.

The preparation for it was more than twenty years of deep meditation and many lifetimes of service. I probably worked with them before because they feel very familiar to me. I am not any better or worse than anybody else on this planet but at that time I was prepared for it and was very ready. I was in a very good space. I also asked sincerely (that is a big hint) for something that I could do that would use all my abilities and be of benefit to all mankind. I had kept my integrity through some extremely difficult times and was just starting to reap the rewards. Meeting the Els topped everything.

I got far more than I could imagine. Each one of has a journey and that was mine. Some of the things I learned are interesting and worth sharing. I am going to tie this together with knowledge I have gained from multiple other sources. They all say more or less the same things but from different perspectives. I will intuit some more but you the person reading should discern what you like in what I am saying.

You have learned many things and how passive or active you are in your reaction determines what you will gain from it. Our journey at the moment is one of waking up, becoming aware and to do that well you need to be open to new ideas, new concepts. Be proactive in everything.

In the physical world we have light which is a visible phenomena. I am talking about the narrow frequency that we perceive with our eyes. When refracted by a prism light contains seven well defined frequencies we term colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colours are also identified with the seven major chakras or meridian points in our bodies. This knowledge is fairly universal throughout those systems that mention them. This is the conventional image of their positions and colours.

All very nice but this is not our full potential. It is not how we used to be and is only part of the story. We are descendants of peoples who have been interfered with. Most of our DNA has been turned off.

The obvious questions are by whom and why and how do you know this?

I am not going to answer any of these questions here, it would take far to long but I do have those answers. If you want them then ask. I have answered them in other places on my blog but am happy to inform.

Let’s look at some facts which back up my statements. Science has examined the human DNA and discovered that most of it is not being used at the moment. The bits of DNA scientists don’t understand is sometimes termed ‘Junk DNA’. It is inactive and turned off. Over 98% of the human genome is noncoding or junk DNA. No animal has this amount. Nearly all of their DNA is turned on and has a recognisable function. It is the difference between us and a chimpanzee for instance who otherwise shares 98% of our DNA.

My sources say that this major part of our DNA was turned off at the end of the time of Atlantis. This was tens of thousands of years ago which in historical terms is not that long ago.

Atlantis is not fiction but fact. Look at some of the evidence which is literally emerging from under the waters of the Atlantic. Massive under water structures have been discovered and you can find all about them by making a search. Atlantis was the second colony setup by our ancient forbears when they originally settled the Earth. I call her Mother Earth because she is very much a Being. I have spoken to and interacted directly with her as I have written about before. Some people call her Gaia.

Our forbears came from the stars, invited to do so to assist Mother Earth. They were sent here to aid and look after her as caretakers. They took on that responsibility and they founded their first colony on the Pacific continent which later became known as Lemuria or Mu. Lemuria was another continent that was sunk. Lemuria was destroyed by the Atlantians who had been infiltrated by dark forces and in its later days became a badly corrupted nation. I can clearly remember snippets from lifetimes in both civilisations.

How can a continent sink. Science is not particularly reliable about the structure of our planet. A lot of the information has been adapted to fit a particular mindset. We are taught a particular belief system that helps keep us under control. Science is a closed system and scientists often reject or ridicule innovation and new ideas that threaten the established norms. That control structure is breaking down and we are beginning to learn some of the real truths.

Each of the continents floats on a gas mantel. Pierce that mantel and it will sink. That is not something that is easy to do but our ancient forbears managed to do it twice. It caused catastrophic events both times. It not only caused physical destruction but also caused a fall in consciousness. It jolted Mother Earth out of position. My researches indicate it moved her roughly four degrees off her natural axis. In cosmic terms that is fairly significant. It changed our climate amongst other things. It wasn’t quite as extreme before and seasons were much more equable.

The damage is all being or has been repaired by the Elohim which is one of the reasons why our climate is changing now. Mother Earth is being moved back to her rightful position and although there is some turbulance life will be much more comfortable eventually. The continents are coming back up. This is why there has been so much activity around the ring of fire which is Lemuria starting to reappear. Atlantis has not caused quite as much change because it has been rising very slowly for a very long time. This restoration to bring Mother earth back to her pristine state is necessary in order for our planet to ascend. We are going with her.

Ascension is a going up in consciousness to a higher dimension with the physical body. This process has started and is happening now. We are all going to be repaired and rejuvenated before it is completed. There is a plan which is quite wonderful. It is why everything is so confusing at the moment. Change after a long period of stagnation is never easy. Momentum has to build up but then suddenly huge change happens very fast. This is where we are now, just before things change. It is the most exciting time ever.

The Els said that prior to the fall event there were twelve rays of energy that nourished Mother Earth. After the fall only seven of them continued to feed her. Note this number. It is significant. Seven rays, seven colours, seven chakras >> limited consciousness.

What I haven’t mentioned is that this was intentional, pre meditated and an action designed to reduce our awareness. Every war, every vile action in history has the same intent. Most of the poisons put into our food and water have been designed specifically to keep us in a low state of awareness. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland to give you just one example. The pineal gland is central and very important organ to higher states of awareness.

The ones that originally orchestrated these actions are now gone and most of  their underlings have left. Their time is over. They were granted an allotted period in which they could rule over us but that time has passed. All that remain are a few underling’s and their minions who, for the moment, still retain control of our planet’s surface. This situation is changing very fast.

Like us after the continents were sunk Mother Earth became denser and lost some of her awareness. This only applied to her surface. At her core she retained her full awareness. We are like her in many ways. If we dive deep into our own Being, in deep meditation for instance, we still retain our full potential. It can be cultivated and when fully realised is sometimes termed enlightenment. Call it what you want but I like the term because of the reference to light. I feel that it is a strong indicator of what is actually going on.

The Els mentioned that the twelve rays are still available to us and we can call them in if we know how to do that. I am not going to tell you, you need to discover that for your Self. Each of us still retains our full potential, we only need to grasp it. To do that you need to take action.

One of the tasks that the Els undertook as part of the restoration and rejuvenation of our solar system was to reintroduce the five missing rays of energy. This was done, one Ray at a time, over a moderate period of time in order that the process did not disturb us too much. The Els called it a gentle tap on the shoulder which started about forty five years ago. The first of these was the Amethyst ray which was anchored to the central core of Mother Earth in the early 1970’s. I was directly involved when the Magenta Ray was brought back in about 2002. Each Ray has attributes and the Magenta Ray restores balance.

Magenta is not in the visible spectrum but is a colour found extensively in nature. I find it very interesting that if you take a photograph towards the sun and get the angle just right you will see the magenta ray which is not visible to the naked eye. The photo below is a good example.

Photo by my friend Toni Wilks

Science may well have a prosaic explanation but it ties in well with what I have learned. The fact that balance wasn’t part of our world I find particularly significant. It is said by some that magenta is the first new colour you see when your third eye is open.

The DNA which was switched off is starting to be reactivated and we are now have thirteen major chakras active. How active they are is dependant on your personal development. We all wake up at different rates. Two of the new or re-energised chakras are conjoined. They are the Divine male and female aspects and work together which means you could say there are twelve. We are waking up significantly to become our full potential. When we do I assume that we will be able to see all twelve colours too.

Different systems use different nomenclature but the diagram below shows where the new chakras are.

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