We are at the turning point, a moment of change. Many people are adopting a new stance, a different position to their past. This promotes change which is good but is often only an intermediary step. Focus on gain, be it personal or national is only the first step. Patriotic focus is still of the past, there is no such thing as a military solution to anything. All that the military can do is revise the situation and change who gains – there will always be losers. True change comes when everybody gains. That may requires further adjustment to your thinking.

Q represents a military faction, patriots are somewhat narrow minded in their focus, just old programming trying to steer. If you drain the swamp it is still full of foul creatures. How we deal with them is the challenge. The problems remain the same as before even when exposed. The struggle is internal not external. Do you have Peace in your heart?

Who we are is far more important. It defines our collective awareness and co creates how we live. Any negative feelings to those who have done us harm creates a reaction, one that drags us down.

It is like those who seek drug induced enlightenment – anyone who’s tried knows that is not the way.

Rather than deride the small steps people term progress. I would rather look at the massive power of our group collective.  We can and will effect a peaceful, easy, transition. It is all that will ever succeed.

Not to your taste? Change it.


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