Changing the world

A grand title but we do it all the time. No big deal. Doing it consciously with direction is much harder. You may feel a desire to go somewhere or do something but that isn’t always the best way.

To be truly effective sometimes requires a different approach. You may feel you need to do what ever but not doing first can actually be very powerful. Do less and accomplish more as one of my teachers used to say.

Guidance can be subtle and you wont feel it clearly if you are tired. In order to be most effective you need to be alert and very focused. That means you need to be energised and rested. If you aren’t then achieve that first. How is up to you. Take as long as you need. When you feel good is the time to act.

Spontaneous right actions are immensely powerful. That is actions that require no planning or thought. You just do it. It may be you feel a need to be somewhere, call someone but don’t know why. This may sound like it contradicts what I said earlier and perhaps it does but we need to be aware of how we are first. The action has to come from a reliable place.

I had a desire to go into town yesterday but didn’t really need much and could have waited a few more days. I went in anyway and had only just got out of my car when I saw someone I needed to talk to. I hadn’t seen them for a long time. That is how it works. Going shopping wasn’t important but talking to them was. I didn’t know that until afterwards.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Actually it rarely does.

Good friends of mine who worked closely with the Ascended Masters were guided to go to LA. They flew to LAX. It was a fairly long journey from England just the flight alone was over eleven hours. A few more to get to the airport in the first place and the cost when they didn’t have much. It seemed an exciting project.

Once there, they were guided through the airport to watch a plane take off. They stood and watched it until it disappeared. They were told OK that was it. Their attention as it took off was all that was required. They could go home now! Working with the Masters isn’t always easy. You get used to it…. or you don’t. I was never comfortable. I like working with higher beings.

Logic and reason don’t seem to play a part in the process although they can. There are no rules. We sometimes want to rush off to Africa or Russia, Glastonbury, Findhorn, somewhere else, anywhere else when in fact we have been carefully placed exactly where we need to be. We don’t always know that. You get put where you need to be quite naturally.

I felt a need to be in New Zealand which is about as far away from England as you can get. I knew nothing about the place but have felt the desire to come here since I was about eight. I wasn’t ready until I was fifty four. That’s a long wait. You get used to them too. The time has to be right. By the time I was ready I didn’t give it a seconds thought and living here is perfect for me. I have no plans to go back, I have no plans at all which means every new day is just that, a new day. Our mind likes things to be comfortably predictable but unfortunately that isn’t how things work. When you follow your heart it can lead you to some very strange places – like America.

I always avoided going there. I would go anywhere else, Eastern Europe, Africa – no problem. The only white person sitting swapping stories with the brothers under a big tree in a shanty town out in the bush – comfortable as anything. A party in suburban California – my worst nightmare.

My partner of the time was always rescuing me especially from American officials. I even got into trouble in the post office. I was pulled out of line in Phoenix airport and searched very thoroughly. The police didn’t like me for some reason and tried to run me over. I was crossing with a green walk light and they got pretty close. I was out walking but Americans don’t do that except on trails – I need to walk and felt closed in. I was arrested in San Francisco airport when leaving the country. But that’s me. I did learn a lot – that the reasons I didn’t want to go there were absolutely true but I can handle it. America couldn’t handle me so it was best to keep my mouth shut and I did try. I upset Indians too, I don’t know why, I don’t mean to. I am just being myself.

Our guidance can be very much the opposite of what we want. That is sometimes a lesson for us. We change the world by changing ourselves and that brings us into line with what needs doing. Those are hard lessons but we grow quickly. We do something spontaneously afterwards that is so magnificent we have no idea such things were possible. We are left saying where did that come from – which is exactly how it should be.

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