We humans have an extraordinary potential, we literally create our lives with every thought word and deed. It is therefore very important that we focus in the right place.

As a writer I feel this responsibility and have learned the hard way what happens when I write about uncomfortable things: I experience them. Comfortable things have happened too, there is balance.

Most people don’t believe me but it has happened so often now that I’m totally convinced. I have written about a near death experience and a small stroke to give negative examples and have experienced both shortly after they were written. Coincidences – I don’t think so. They were both dramatic and life threatening but I could create a very long list or small less substantial incidents.

I wrote about a water mill and found myself living in one a few short months later. I didn’t plan to do that. A small group of us were looking for a property with multiple dwellings and the water mill was perfect for what we wanted. Even the fact that we bought it was a collective creation – none of us had any money when we put in the offer but we completed the deal, I’m still not sure how but we did. That is how I live.

It wasn’t until after we sold it that I realised what had happened. I was living in the UK but what I was writing about is very New Zealand and now I live here. I had no idea at the time of writing what the scenery and people are like. That applies particularly to Golden Bay where I live. This happened to me as an individual but it is more powerful when you work in a group.

This ability to co-create is used against us on a daily basis. The so called news which most people watch is also designed to generate what it reports. There is a mix of real reports and fabrications which makes it difficult to spot. Once you are aware of the agenda then it becomes rather obvious. That crosses over into entertainment. The majority of blockbusters are designed to create those disasters or situations they portray. Our awareness is used to make them happen which is why there are so many negative scenarios in all the entertainment media. Even though they have happy endings the hero, seldom a heroine, is a special person – not us. We are marginalised just by watching them.

The actors are made into heroes and heroines by the press. They are built up in the media only to be brought crashing down by scandal of some kind. That is intentional too and happens in all walks of life. Computer games in particular use very negative imagery. Publishing anything positive is very hard. The distribution networks are geared against you.

This is not a winge. I am just pointing out how it is. Once you are aware of the opposition it is very possible to do something about it. I do. My books are designed to do the exact opposite of the trend. I intend to uplift and give you a glimpse of what life could be like. This is not wishful thinking, it is what is going to happen. We decide by our choices what it is we are going to be. As a race we humans have a glorious future. We are very close to changing the very fabric of our world. There is an agenda to hide it from us but it is breaking out everywhere. Noticing it is made difficult by the groups who are determined to remain in control. Their day is done and will be short lived. I know this. In the fireworks of change it isn’t easy to see what is happening but there is a positive change. It is getting very close to the phase transition that will dramatically change everything we know. That is why there is so much frenzy. This change can’t be stopped but that doesn’t mean that some groups wont try, they have a lot to loose.

Our role in all this isn’t passive. The more powerful you are the more you change what is around you. By being coherent you can influence those who aren’t. It wont take that many people if they are aligned together. We have such an opportunity coming up. If you know how to meditate you can effect a change but there is a huge event you can participate in see here. Meditation doesn’t just effect you it effects everybody else. It is one way we humans have of being coherent, it is measurable, brainwaves become more aligned and synchronise. I have been doing this for a very long time and have seen the results in myself and other people. We humans are a powerhouse. We can override the negative scenario effortlessly and will do that. It is only a matter of time. How long it takes is up to us. The more that we focus in this direction the faster it will occur.

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