Compassion is allowing

Compassion is allowing… it is not just empathy for someone else’s suffering. True compassion is a very hard lesson.

Once you have it you will be infinitely more able to give to others in a way you never did before.

In New Zealand and near where I live in particular there are a lot of whale standings, more than anywhere else in the world. People rush to help re-float them and care for them when the whales are on the beach. It feels the right thing to do but is it?

Until recently I would have said yes, where are they I will help? But something happened that changed my perspective. I now have more of an understanding of what the whales are doing. They are very intelligent Beings after all. There is far more to them than we give them credit for. They are multi-dimensional beings like us and not just water based mammals.

Not long ago we were helping someone gifted assisting her to find her way. This lady was going through a transformation, finding her personal power, asserting herSelf. One day she rushed in to me demanding loudly that I go and close a portal on the beach on the west coast not far away. I was the portal guy in her eyes and needed to get myself over there double quick.

She had felt into it and this portal was very bad. It was attracting the whales she said and it needed to be closed so that the whales no longer stranded themselves on that beach.

Without thinking I just told her to sit and feel into what was happening. She was projecting quite strongly and it was a little overwhelming for me. She was a very powerful being and it was rather jarring. I am sensitive and was reeling a bit.

After a little while she opened her eyes and I could see she was in balance and at peace again.

She had been in direct contact with the whales and experienced what was going on. She explained that the whales had told her that they had completed their journey on this Earth plane. The tasks here were done. They were using the portal to ascend to their next plane of experience.

They had even taken her awareness with them and given a glimpse of where they were going which is way up into the stars. The portal is a star gate.

Now do you understand why compassion is allowing.

Everyone has a journey that they themselves have chosen not matter what is happening in their life. We should allow them to go through it without interfering unless we feel guided to do so or they ask us for help.

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