We are in very exciting times – stuff is really starting to happen.

In order to understand the significance of what I am going to tell you I need to explain a bit of the back story.

From  1998 – to 2005 I worked with a small group of people that were collectively known as the Solar Quest. Their catchphrase was the Earth restored not destroyed. They had been working for about thirty years or more assisting Divine Beings known as the Els who are a sub group of the Elohim.

When I joined them initially I was asked directly by an El to take on work mapping our Mother Earth’s main energy lines. I am a cartographer and was trained by the Ordnance Survey, Britain’s official mapping agency. I spent about 14 years working as a map maker. The lines I was asked to map are known as the Rods of Power and this link is to a website which gives an account of the work I did. The Rods of Power are a part of Mother Earth’s more subtle physiology. They are very much like the energy lines that flow between, mama or nodal points talked about in Ayurveda and Acupuncture. For us they transfer Chi or Life force. Mother Earth does something very similar. She is sustained by energies that pour in from the outerness and circulate around and through her, they then flow back to the outerness again. Much like the way we breath.

The Solar Quest called the place, from where the Rays emanate, the outerness because it is multi dimensional actually multi frequency and not confined to our physical universe. These energies that feed and sustain Mother Earth consisted of twelve Rays of energy.

Many thousands of years ago Mother Earth was knocked out of her rightful position in an event known by the Solar Questors as the Fall. This event dislodged Mother Earth so that only seven of these twelve Rays continued to feed her. She became denser at her surface and this caused a fall in consciousness for us humans. The Fall was probably the cataclysmic event that caused the sinking of Atlantis. I think I was involved in that.

When we spoke with the Els they told us that the Earth was going to be repaired. In fact that was what the Solar Quest had been doing assisting the Els to repair the energy network and help bring back the five missing Rays. This project was completed in about 2005. Part of the work we did was to help ground an energy buffer to prevent damage to Britain’s south west peninsular. This was necessary because the Els were going to move Mother Earth back to her rightful position and they didn’t want the peninsular to break off. I lived there at the time and being somewhat reclusive thought that would be a great idea. Being an island would get rid of the tourists that flock there by car in the summer. The Els rebuked me gently by telling me that all parts of the heart are necessary. Britain is over Mother Earth’s heart and has more energy lines than anywhere else on the planet.

Now a few weeks ago I read this article the Earth has shifted a warning by Inuit elders. I was extremely excited because this was an indication that what we had been told had now happened. I thought I should check it to see if it was true. The Inuit elders say that the sun no longer comes up in the right position and that seemed a good place to start. My methodology is not brilliant but it does confirm what the Inuit have noticed.

On Christmas day I was up very early. We had a power cut the night before which is not unusual for the remote area where I live. The power stayed off and didn’t come back as it usually does so I went to bed early and consequently got up early too. I had been thinking about how to prove that the Earth has moved. I thought I would photograph the position the sun as it came up to see if this helped establish this phenomenon. The Sun rises behind the mountains on the other side of Golden Bay and as you can see it is in a small notch in the mountains which is quite easy to identify. I took this photo at 6:03 am. The time is important as you will see shortly.

All I had to do was to establish that location on Google Earth which I did later in the day. Vertically below this notch is Port Tarakohe which has a light to guide the fishing boats in which I can see. It also has a sailing club with windows that light up in the sun as it sets. The notch is more or less in between these two points and the port is about twelve miles away. That is not particularly far but far enough to make my line accurate enough. Here is that line plotted on Google Earth.

This map is orientated with north at the top which means it is relatively easy to measure the angle between the line and due east. I did that in Adobe Illustrator. I could do it there graphically but more accurate than using a protractor. I scaled the image up quite large and drew in a line horizontally from my camera position. That line points due east. I then rotated it from the position where the photo was taken until it covered the line I had plotted. The angle measured 25.5 degrees.

The internet has some fantastic resources. Here is a something that calculates the angle of the sun for any given time of day from any location on the planet. It superimposes the data onto Google Maps. This link will give the calculation for the exact time I took the photo for my location. It looks like this.

The calculated angle for 6:03 am on the 25th dec 2014 from my location is about 31.00 degrees south not 25.5. A difference of over 5.5 degrees. I trust Vladimir Agafonkin who is a serious Ukrainian geek. He specialises in open source mapping tools but he is also a talented musician. His tool uses the old Earth position for all its calculations. Now even if I take off a degree either side for errors we are still looking at 4.5 degrees. Surely someone in the scientific community must have noticed?

To take this even further when I was mapping the energy lines I discovered something odd. I knew there was a huge energy line around Earth’s equator but none of my lines seemed to fit with it. I wrote this up in 2004.

The Equatorial Rod

I plotted onto my new 3D model all the information I had collated on the flat map. It struck me that some of the junctions, especially around the Equator, didn’t join up in tidy intersections but created a series of triangles. If you look at the image below you’ll see some of these circled up.

There seemed to be a series of junctions like these all around the Equator. Some created better intersections than others but all of them were a little bit out. If you’re using graphical survey techniques this kind of result usually indicates an error. Because of my training, I automatically started to investigate. Even though I had learned that not all Rod junctions create tidy intersections, perhaps because bits of the puzzle are missing, this time my hunch was correct.

At first I thought the Rods crossing the Equator were at fault. To get things to line up in a more orderly manner I started to check all the data to see if this moved any Rods around. I did find one small error in the plotting, but correcting it exacerbated the problem. I simply couldn’t move any of the other Rods, so I started to move the Equatorial Rod around.

I discovered that if I rotated this Rod by roughly four degrees (shown in cyan) it suddenly clicked into place and the offending junctions now formed near perfect intersections all the way around the globe. Because this was such an important move we spent a long time deliberating before finalising it. This new position did feel and look right but we checked it in as many ways as we possibly could. This skew on the Equatorial Rod is what led me to believe that our planet is tilted out of its correct alignment.

It also explains why some of the energies from the universe weren’t reaching Mother Earth as intended. In fairness I should have shown first how I fixed all the other Rods before moving this one, because its position is after all dictated by their alignments. I’ve explained it now both because of its significance and because this is how it happened chronologically. 

Now perhaps you can understand why I am so excited. It means that the energy pouring into the Rods of Power will raise us up in consciousness again very soon.


2 thoughts on “Confirmation”

  1. Fascinating stuff Ray. Great that your training allows you to calculate this. I’m just wondering how this shift could have been made without there being cataclysmic weather changes that would’ve been noticed? Do you think mainstream media is aware that this has happened, and point to any reports other than the Inuit elders comments ?

    1. The magic of the Els is that they not only moved the Earth but did it without any obvious disruption. We spent several years building the shock absorber just for SW England. The Els would have taken every tiny thing into account. But 3D is not as solid as we think. We live in a kind of hologram. I am sure someone has noticed but I doubt that it will be made public. Science is controlled like everything else. I would like to do more readings preferably with a theodolite if I can get hold of one. The change will be different from different locations too. It is quite a complex thing to measure.

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