Cosmic Battles

In my last post I gave you my experience raw and undiluted. I said there was more well there was quite a lot more. Did I mention the cyst in my neck they found while taking me to bits. All pretty heavy stuff but it gets worse. The whole thing was an attack.

A personal whack at me with two nasty things one immediate and the other slow just in case the first thing didn’t work. No I’m not being paranoid. It got even more exciting this week.

After the episode as they call it and I was eventually sent home I went to see a friend, a spectacular and wonderful individual who is an expert at diagnoses. I have never met better. He is also a pretty good healer, we have worked together many times before; preventing plagues that sort of thing. In passing he mentioned that two researches he was working with in America had discovered that the chem trails and inoculations work together. They found the link and what it does, both people are now dead. We are in the end games and the stakes are high.

Anyway we started using a systematic approach to try and discover what if anything needed fixing. After a while he hit a wall. He couldn’t get any information. Being canny we asked if there was interference, was he being blocked? The answer was yes.

I immediately put up protection, a very serious high level shield around both of us. That caused mayhem. Star wars started on the other side, energy bolts and all sorts were aimed at us. To all intensive purposes we would have disappeared and that upset someone. War was being waged. Nothing got through but I could sense it.

My friend didn’t feel it and he could work in spite of what was going on. He started doing his thing, measuring my telemetry. While he was busy a powerful warrior being crashed through my defences. He had his head and shoulders in through my force field and was trying to force himself in the rest of the way. He must have been a very powerful being. He didn’t get in. A magnificent angel with a sword appeared and took him out as I watched rather speechless.

War was going on. I have never seen anything like it except at the movies. It was quite unbelievable and on many fronts all over the world and in many dimensions. We were looking at the healing modalities on several continents and everywhere we went there was an attack. Everywhere we went there was a being who came to our defence.

The attacks on me weren’t physical or mental they were on the level of being. I am quite fit but my friend found some rather odd debilitating readings and worked out a method he thought would work and set it into motion. I won’t say how but it is effortless and automatic. All hell broke loose until it started then the war stopped and I felt suddenly very clear. I can’t tell you any more yet but at some level something really big is just beginning. I am in contact with my Star family and in bliss. If things get wild and out of hand know that you are quite safe, anything bad can be undone. You really are quite safe.

Many powerful light workers are under attack. They all have defenders too. We are close to changing the balance and I feel there is a desperate effort to hold things back. Victory is very near and there is nothing the dark can do about it.

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