If just this word makes you uncomfortable then you should read this post. You need to undo that programming.

I thought I would write a post about death because it is such a taboo subject. I’m not afraid to tackle it and having done it, if only briefly, I can assure you there is nothing to be afraid of. It is unlikely that anyone you know will talk coherently about death unless they have had a near death experience themselves. We can become emotionally upset by death mainly because it is an unknown, we don’t understand it. We behave rather childishly and become frightened. There is absolutely no reason for it.

Religious leaders mostly haven’t got a clue, they may appear to be compassionate but are generally totally ignorant. It isn’t taught because a fear of death is part of the main control system. Telling you not to be afraid doesn’t help. You need to know from direct experience. I can’t give you that but I can share my own experiences. None of them are frightening. Fear is all projected at you but doesn’t do anything, you scare yourself. You only need to be aware of that.

My first experience of death was when my father died. I was only twenty five. I called home moments after my mother had been told by my uncle. My parents where divorced. I was going to visit my mother and was calling to let her know. My timing was very synchronous. After she told me she hung up the phone, she was obviously very upset. I sat and meditated. I had been doing that for a couple of years and it seemed appropriate. I had an experience.

I had my attention on my father and travelled with him to his next dimension. I went right to the entrance. He was welcomed in and I felt his bliss and the loss of all pain. He had been in constant pain for a while. The doorway was radiant with light and the other side was full of love. I stayed on this side of the door and flashed back to my body not really aware that I had been out of it. It was a powerful and strange experience but after that I wasn’t afraid of death any more. It was not a mental rational explanation that made the difference but the warm and joyous feeling that stayed with me. My emotional body loved it.

Fear is a mental body trauma. The dark only uses mental controls, none of them are real. We project ahead and fear the unknown. I’m telling you what happens and now you know. You don’t need to be frightened. I have done this many times and it always similar.

I have learned intuitively how to move people on if they get stuck. That can happen especially if they are traumatised when they die or are in a lot of pain. Only part of them remains anyway. Some just haven’t noticed that they’re dead. Ghost as we call them can’t hurt you but they can be helped. I have moved on some very scary people, mostly Maori who have been killed in horrible circumstances. Young men who have had their heads chopped off from behind by someone they trust. Their heads were buried in the ground in a ceremony to tie them to guard the land. That sort of thing. Gruesome and disgusting but it isn’t scary when you can help them.

I have also moved on souls who have been trapped after they die. This is fairly rare and I have only had to do it twice. These people have taken on power or abilities from dark beings when they were alive but the price is high. When they die they are trapped in the transit dimension and can’t escape. The dark beings still have access to their energy and can use it to do things in our dimension. These people have usually trapped other people with them and can effect large numbers. The results can be nasty and account for most of the dark activity that frightens people. Moving the human souls on removes all of their influence. Nothing dark has any permeance and can be reversed. It may sound scary but isn’t. Pure Light overcomes anything dark quite easily.

My own death was quite funny. I was asleep and was woken up by a voice that told me I was dying.

I have written a long post about it and you can read it here. I call the post time travel and its self explanatory. I remember it quite clearly. I am not frightened of dying. I mention that you loose free will, you do, but only for the duration of your transition. You get it back as soon as you arrive. You go to wherever is appropriate. Everyone goes somewhere different. Those who have had near death experiences all say different things. That is why. You go to where is most appropriate for your state of growth. Some people are like me and can travel with the dying, or communicate with the dead, they may give different description. Everybody is different and needs a different after live.

My mother had dementia when she died and was in need of healing. I was shown what was happening to her. She was being bathed in a lovely green light. She was lying on a table in a beautiful room that had a huge stained glass window. I felt her at her funeral. I didn’t interact because I didn’t want to distract her. That might have caused her to become stuck here. She was well again and delighted in seeing all her relatives. She was very happy.

This next bit might appear a little scary but it is just a safeguard, a just in case. Living on planet Earth is tricky for the moment because the dark tries to interfere even at your death. That is going to if it hasn’t stopped already. They try or tried to convince you that you need a harsh life your next life because of bad karma, something they control or controlled. It’s tricky to discuss because time doesn’t exist. Reincarnation is no longer relevant because we are ascending even if you aren’t aware of it. If you die have your attention on going to the best place for you and it shouldn’t be a problem. We are very powerful but the dark can be very underhand and complex. Challenge them and ask if they are of the light, if they aren’t they will melt away. A light being will be delighted and shine even brighter.

From what I have said you may gather that nothing really changes. That is true ‘You’ go on just as you always have. Where you are is different, always much nicer, but you are much the same. You are you regardless. Your journey and growth continues until you rejoin source.

I have the ability to communicate with the dead, the newly dead and people who I have known who died a long time ago. There is no separation. We have no restrictions. I don’t do it as a parlour trick for other people. There needs to be a personal reason but we can all do things we are told are impossible. Nobody has been able to convince me I can’t so I just do. I can do anything I think of, so can you.

A friend of mine died a few years ago, we’d known each other for over forty years.  He was a world class musician. He never managed to get the acclaim he deserved. He was so good he outshone anyone he played with and few would play with him. He was a lovely man with a great sense of humour but could be a rather temperamental bugger sometimes. Only other really good musicians acknowledged him. He had a stroke and couldn’t play perhaps a year or more before before he died. I spoke to him recently I can’t remember why. He’s playing in two bands at the moment. One is all high level musicians like him and he formed the other one himself. He sounded really happy. I asked him where he was and he told me he’s on a planet sized star ship not far away. He also said the music that he plays uses different tuning and intervals to what we use here. I got the impression what we play is rather crude and somewhat harmful. It’s easy to learn he explained and I got the feeling that such things were done with technology not the hard way as we do them here. Something very exciting is coming for us he told me and he told me that I was to hang in here. He wouldn’t elaborate and said he wasn’t supposed to tell me. He sounded very excited.

Death is the same or very similar for animals. I know some people worry about that. People can anthropomorphise their pets which I find extremely foolish but they care and I should address that. Those that should take note wont but I will say it anyway, an animal is an animal no matter how wonderful you think they are. They have limited consciousness when compared to humans, they are still evolving as we are. They also have much shorter lives. You shouldn’t expect too much of them. You need to work on your self not rely on them to keep you happy.

I have only had one clear experience with an animal but it was very similar. The animal remained the same but went somewhere else.

I shared a property with a couple who had a dog. He was old and starting to show it. He was a real character but very much a one person dog. He would tolerate me but with much destain. I looked after him when they were away. On one occasion we were all meditating together and he was with us as usual. I had a powerful experience and Mother Divine appeared in front of me and started pouring energy into me. That had happened once before. It was an indescribable experience and very powerful. I was sitting cross legged and he decided to come and join me and lay across my lap. He was a fairly big dog. He was sensitive to energy and thoroughly enjoyed the ascended masters who would sometimes pet him so my friend told me. The higher the energy the better as far as he was concerned. My friends could hardly believe it when they opened their eyes and saw where he was. As I said he tolerated me but wasn’t at all friendly and rarely came near me.

He died a short while later. His focus person came across to my house to tell me. When she did he appeared. It was like looking through a window. I could see him in whatever dimension he was in. He was very much the same but perhaps a little bigger. He was in a place that was very rural and similar to where we lived. He was sniffing around and heard her voice and came in closer to investigate. I told my friend. She told him to run along. She didn’t want him to reattach to her. He ran away. He looked much younger and was having a lot of fun checking out wherever he was. I could also sense he had a guardian.

When we had been together for about five years years my ex partners father died. I had met him and we enjoyed each others company. He was Dutch originally from Rotterdam. He’d had a stroke and was in a wheel chair and lived in a care home in Toronto. People treated him like an invalid which he hated. The Dutch and the English to some extent share the same irreverent sense of humour. He poked at me quite hard trying to suss me out. I treated him like a mate and was very rude to him. He smiled broadly and was just as rude right back. He enjoyed doing that. He had been a printer and his world only strangers were polite. My ex partner lived in California and had been there for ten years and found our interaction rather shocking but he loved it. He was physically depleted but his sharp mind was still working. We liked each other. It made it much easier to link up when he died.

My ex partner was very upset. I could sense him easily and explained she could still talk to him. She was very empathic so she could feel what I was saying was true and tried it. Her father had emigrated to Canada but he really wanted to go to New Zealand. Unfortunately he didn’t qualify to come here. We took him on a trip to see the area where we lived which he thoroughly enjoyed. It made it very much easier for her to let him go. We left him deep in the bush by a healing tree where he moved on. Death is not a barrier between loved ones. We are all one big entity and it is only a perceived obstacle. We all go on for ever or at least for as long as we want to.

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