Discernment is a buzz word at the moment. We all have a different world view. It is coloured by…. well by us. We interpret our world with our own particular twist.

If life would only sit still for five minutes it would be a lot easier to figure out what is going on but it doesn’t and is changing all the time. Keeping up requires us to make constant reassessments. As we evolve we get a higher perspective. When we step into the light what is not illuminated drops away, unless we hang onto it. We need to decide what we want to be involved with.

It is a bit like looking at the stars. Each culture creates its own fabrication to help it remember constellations. None of them are real or obvious, there are no helpful connection lines in space. To be truthful they are just stars to me and I can’t recognise the shapes. I used to know some of the more obvious ones but they all look different now that I’ve moved down under. I know the New Zealand stars but not what they’re called. Does that really matter. Not to me no. I’m not orientated by the stars or into astronomy. Stars are stars to me and part of the natural landscape. I don’t need to know the way that other people define them. I used to worry about it. How would I find my around in space. Should I learn to use them

In fact moving through the galaxy turns out to be very easy. Travelling out into the stars is a natural experience. You don’t get lost when you go outside your house, you know where you are. It’s the same in space. You know how to get home, to some extent you will it. We are designed to do that. 3D values don’t apply.

There are plenty of very important things that people are talking and writing about that have no value – to me. They don’t fit in my world view. I decide, I make that decision. I am in charge of me. There are things that impinge but we decide how much they bother us. Do we take any notice.

I got a letter from my English bank today. I moved house about four years ago but forgot to change my address for them and did that recently. The bank is on the other side of the world and I do everything online but I like to keep things together. The bank account is over thirty five years old and they didn’t like my signature on the form I sent in. They want a authorized version. For that I need to use my passport. When I looked it’s out of date by a few months. I’m not planning to go abroad at the moment and would qualify for a Kiwi passport anyway. Should I get one? Do I bother to renew the old UK one…. chances are no I won’t. I decide. I can make that decision and take any consequences.

These decisions only effect me. We do things like this all the time. So how does that relate to discernment. Discernment is just keen insight and judgement, that’s what the word means. We access and decide what is relevant to us. It is not mystical. We use our intuition yes but that too is personal and depends on our development. We all have some ability but may not be used to using it. Discerning is good practice because it helps us develop it.

You make all your own decisions. Discerning what is appropriate to you is just the same. Your decisions are just choices. What happens is dictated by them but you make them to the best of your ability. As we evolve we make different decisions based on our experience and knowledge. Better still is when we let go and follow our intuition.

The intellect might not like that. It likes to make your decisions. It is a useful tool but not very good at making choices because it usually doesn’t have all the information. Our feelings, our subtle awareness does. We know what feels right. If you can’t decide what to do then wait until you do. That will usually happen eventually. People like to rush, they want to decide now. Being put on the spot may well give you the answer, but sometimes if you wait a different solution may pop up.

Collectively we have a world view we are not isolated individuals. The decisions we make that effect us at that level are different than those that are personal. We still decide for ourselves. There are plenty of interpretations of where we are and what is happening. We slot in with what feels comfortable – to us. That may isolate you. Like me you may find your moving against the trend. People in the know see things from their position. They may be well informed but lack a higher perspective. We don’t have to take any notice. They may have a view, but what that is depends on where they come from. If they are right or wrong is subjective and unimportant. How you feel about it is more relevant. I have made decisions that other people can’t understand. I feel the benefits but because of where they are they can’t always see them. That is normal.

Everybody here is under the influence of the dark and their motives and world view is coloured. Inside is the only place we are completely free, it is why I prefer to go there to find things out. We can all do that effortlessly. By embracing our highest good our motives are guided. We attune to who we are.

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