We don’t always know what is going on. We sometimes find ourselves in difficult situations that can appear life threatening – that isn’t necessarily bad, especially at the moment.

If you shine a bright light you attract dark things. It is one of the hazards of being a lightworker.

This post may make you uncomfortable.

Don’t read it if you can’t handle that.

I share it because this is what happened. I am as truthful as I can be with everything I write and don’t hold anything back.

Today I found myself sitting on the kitchen floor unable to stand. I sat in a certain upright position, I couldn’t move but was guided through this experience. I was told there was no danger.

Guidance comes when required not always when we want it. This time I really needed it. I don’t like to appear dramatic but it was a close call. I may have some unusual experiences but they aren’t always comfortable.

I had spent two days being psychically attacked. I even went to hospital for a while just to make sure it wasn’t real. The doctor couldn’t work out anything physically wrong. It was too vague. There were dire symptoms but nothing that explained the discomfort. I was given pain relief tablets and antibiotics, neither of which I take. Certainly not if I can help it. I like to check to make sure but the visit confirmed it wasn’t real. In spite of my weird heart rate my blood pressure was fine and there were no life threatening issues. The pain threshold was about 6 or 7 scored up to ten. All very boring.

On my way home again I was hit especially hard. The pain went up to eleven. I was literally screaming at one point, enough that if there was any way to stop it I would without hesitation. That it appeared was the nature of the game. Whoever it was was tried to close my eyes as I was driving. That is a very clear give away that you are being attacked.  Someone or several nasty beings were trying big time to get me to crash. That has happened before. I sent them love which was all I could think of. Fighting back or resisting doesn’t help. I managed to get home and fell into bed totally wasted.

The attack stopped suddenly that night at about midnight. I was violently ill one moment then in the next felt perfectly fine. It just stopped. It started again at four the next morning but wasn’t as bad. It was with me for two days until it eventually stopped. I got the impression whoever was doing it was totally exhausted too and had nothing left. They’re gone now.

Today having not eaten for a couple of days I was not pushing myself. I was relaxing. I was standing up in the kitchen and suddenly felt disorientated, very weak. Weak enough that I needed to sit down. I have been hit by a nasty energy weapon and this felt rather similar. I checked in but wasn’t in danger. I was told I was being repaired, to go with it and all would be well. To stay still sitting as I was. We are being upgraded constantly and I used to odd experiences. It was a little unnerving but I was fine.

I was also in a sting operation. Bait I suppose you would call it. I was being used to pick up and remove some very nasty dark entities. They had latched onto me and in doing so were exposing themselves. That has happened before too. They had a link that was entwined in my heart. My guidance was that removing them would repair me.

I get no warning and have to work it out but it’s usually fine. It can be uncomfortable, sometimes very.

I was told, yes it will hurt when I asked, but it will be worth it. There is nothing you can do just go with it.

I share this just to let you know that not all discomfort is bad. The higher you go the more difficult perhaps, I haven’t really worked that out. I do know that whenever I manage to go up really high I get thoroughly trounced. Dark beings don’t appear to like it when we go high. It often happens after a very clear experience and I had a very powerful one just recently.

It makes no difference and wont stop me, that is the direction I have chosen. When we become very uncomfortable it isn’t always real. Discomfort can be projected or imposed on us but we can go beyond it. Doing so destroys it. Not easy perhaps but well worth it.

In case you’re worried I’m fine, it was just an experience. Nothing can touch you unless you allow it. When your will is strong the further you get pushed down the higher you bounce up.

P.S. Guidance just told me that three very dark beings who had a strangle hold on New Zealand just got taken out. I went into bliss when I got that and feel very excited now.

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