Looking around at the alternative media I have noticed how easily people get distracted by thinking. It takes us away from what is really important – being heart orientated.

One of the most contentious issues that is doing the rounds at the moment is the flat earth theory.

As a cartographer I have my own ideas about it and could probably prove it one way or the other for myself quite easily. I know how to use 3D trigonometry and can measure distances accurately over hundreds of miles to within a few millimetres. I took part in the first GPS mapping project in the UK. We had access to military as well as civilian codes that gave us result measured to hundredths of a millimetre. We measured from the UK right across France. It is a refined science and very accurate.

We used Earth’s curvature in all our calculations, it wouldn’t have worked otherwise. I live on the opposite side of the world now and see different stars. I have seen several other planets in the sky by telescope and close up when I was introduced to them by Mother Earth. They all looked spherical to me. That may be an illusion but I don’t consider it particularly important what shape our planet is. It is far more important how you feel about her.

As I said I have interacted with Gaia, the being who’s inhabits the Earth which is her body. She is a wondrous and loving mother who thinks of us as her children. The intellectual exercise about her shape is simply a distraction, it puts us firmly back into our heads. Thinking takes us away from where we should be going. We are moving from the head to the heart and that is our journey. Thinking slows us down. The 3D world is changing as we progress into ascension and move up to a higher density. What we understand will transform completely but that isn’t very important at the moment. How you feel is because it effects all those around you.

Feeling defines our place in reality. If we are heart felt we can tune in to the refined values of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess who is returning. The intellectual distractions put us back into our heads. That has always been the dark’s way of controlling us. To take us into the mind. That is it’s stronghold, it is very good at thinking.

Science and discovery are very important but is not of much value at the moment. What we need to do is focus on the glory of our heart. It is our connection to Source, the true nature of creation. We are a creative people we create our environment.

When you are heart felt you become aligned with where we are going which accelerates the process. Once you are in your heart you feel the right or wrongness of any information. Discerning truth becomes much easier.

Our intellects are being bombarded with information. Truths are being revealed but there is plenty of disinformation. You become where you put your focus. Is that where you want to be?

Personally I am ignoring all the media. My focus is on becoming me, the being who I really am. I look to the glory of what is coming, a new way of being and hold that in my heart. As a Light Worker that is our role, to envisage escape from the dissonant mundane to a new heart felt reality. We do that by living it every day.

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