Do you know who you are?

If you have even a faint inkling of who you are then you are well ahead of me.

I have certainly been busy of late, far too involved to write anything here for a while. I am sure you have been busy too. There are a lot of changes going on in our environment and our bodies.

I have been helping things along in my own weird way but it has been a bit of a ride. It all started with a rather nasty forth dimensional attack. I really hadn’t done anything, well nothing recent and I haven’t had any trouble for a couple of years. Being attacked was actually a tip off that I was about to do something really big.

Time is a human concept rather than the reality and if I was going to do something undesirable to those that oppose the light, then they normally know beforehand and try to prevent me. It never works but they try anyway. The dark minions are like that they have set responses and can’t help but follow them.

They hit hard and fast and it can be quite painful. They tend to go for my feet and ankles for some reason. In this instance my right foot. After a few days of pain and discomfort I managed to remove the ‘box’ containing the mechanism of the attack. You would have thought that would have solved the problem but no that was just the start.

I found that in spite or rather because of the pain I went into a very high altered state. My awareness became enormous and while I was meditating one morning I found myself high up in space in a command module giving precise and complex instructions to beings who were mainly in ships circling the Earth but also some who were within it. Doing this felt like stepping out of the hologram that we live in. I only retain the memory of doing it not all the details but I do retain the awareness of what I felt like. I was in a crystalline body made of light with far more senses than I have now.

A friend who can diagnose in a way that I won’t even try to describe tested me and confirmed that there was nothing physically wrong, even though my foot was so swollen I couldn’t walk. While we were talking I had the intuition that I had really upset the beings who were attacking me and he tested for that too. He told me yes that was almost off the scale. Another intuition dropped in as we continued discussing it; the actions I initiated involved multiple arrests. It was a huge operation on many levels at once and had been planned for a very long time.

The beings being arrested were probably trying to stop me in any way they could. Eventually I worked out what they had done. They had managed to move my foot onto an old timeline, one that doesn’t exist any more. One where they had attacked me like this before. See flying saucers in the lounge.

Having a foot in the past so to speak is not recommended. Once I realised what the problem was I was able, with some assistance, to move my foot back to this now. There is only one NOW now, there are no alternative timelines. The pain stopped more or less instantly but there was a lot of swelling which is slowly returning to normal. Today I even managed a walk along the beach and back through the forest which I try to do every day.

My out there experience was quite multi-dimensional. After the exercise was completed I saw a kind of standing ovation from all the beings on the ships celebrating the success of the operation. The image I retain is that they were all wearing blue jump suites. Since then I have done other things as this level but it is not appropriate to share them, at least not here.

I know none of this makes much sense but it’s what I have to deal with most of the time. I gave orders and was linked to a large group or rather several large groups who responded to my telepathic commands. This being is me but much expanded.

How do I reconcile this experience with who I think I am.
I can’t, all I can do is accept and move on and take one day at a time. Each one of us is going to discover exactly who we are. Don’t be surprised if you are much more than you think. Most of us here and especially you who are reading this have been chosen from the best of the best from all over the galaxy.

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