Doing the impossible

The impossible doesn’t take any longer. It simply requires a clear open heart and no fear of the consequences.

When I left England to move to California, we flew to Toronto first to see my partner Coletta’s family and pick up her two children. Over Greenland I sensed some really huge elementals that flew up and greeted me. These friendly beings were nearly as big as the plane. They stayed with us and later followed when we flew from Toronto on to San Francisco. We had work to do together. We met them when we were flying along the huge energy line that runs down the west coast of Ireland across to the Appalachian mountains and down through the centre of the Florida peninsula.

There has been a lot of historical movement between the east coast of North America and Ireland. Most of the people there are former Atlantians. The native peoples reincarnated in Ireland when they died of diseases or were killed by the European settlers. They migrated back from Ireland during the period of the potato famine. It is why there is such a strong link between these two places. The Celtic races were originally part of the larger Atlantian nation, most Native Americans are too. They form a combined soul group.

When we arrived in San Francisco airport we picked up Coletta’s car then drove north to Petaluma were she lived. Her car was in a pretty bad state. The parking garage were she had left it had pumped up the flat tyre that had a slow leak but it was overheating and stank of fumes from the engine. It died as we pulled onto the driveway and never ran again. It was like that for most of her things. Coletta was on her last gasp.

She had been guided to California to heal and help people and had initially worked in a homeless shelter there. Now she needed help herself. I was in the fortunate position of being able to take care of her. As we picked up her life it became obvious that she needed to get away. Her former husband was physically ill, mentally unstable and potentially dangerous. He was not in his right mind. He was always fine with me but he had a history that I won’t go into here. They had separated several years before but he was always on the doorstep or the phone and wouldn’t leave her alone. He ran her ragged.

We both just knew that we were going to New Zealand. We had more or less swapped emails saying just that shortly after we first met online. Her ex refused to sign the papers needed to get a passport for her youngest son and would never agree to let him go. It became clear that in order to travel abroad, under Californian law, we needed a divorce with full custody and more importantly no visitation rights for him. Otherwise we were stuck, we wouldn’t even have been able to move very far away from him.

Our lawyer told us that what we wanted was impossible. A lawyer friend from the school told us no that’s impossible you will just have to stay here. In the state of California if you have a child both parents get access no matter what. It might be supervised access for one but they would always be granted access. We shrugged, we just knew we were going to New Zealand. We had no idea how but we set things in motion and within five months we found ourselves going to court. Coletta stood very nervously waiting for the court to open when a bearded stranger we have never seen before walked up to us smiling at her. He put his arm around her and said, ‘It’s going to be all right.’ That’s all and then he walked away. He beckoned her to join him in a private lift up to the court level but we stayed with the crowd going up the stairs. He was just a wee bit too strange for her in such a tense moment.

The judge we had been allocated was tough but when we went to his courtroom we found he wasn’t there. We had been reallocated to another judge in a different courtroom fortunately not far away. The new judge was good and very thorough, he read all the case notes we were told. Coletta went into the courtroom. I waited outside for our lawyer who turned up eventually with only a few seconds to spare. It was a very tense moment. I followed her in and sat at the back of the court. Coletta’s was the first case called. The judge asked her to tell him in her own words what she wanted from the court, which she did. He then spoke a few words hesitated and looked down at the papers in front of him. At that moment a shaft of light came through the ceiling bounced off my heart and hit the judge full on. He looked up to pronounce his judgement and granted us everything we had asked for.

Our lawyer could not believe the result and cried all the way to the car park. She was a hardened LA prosecutor before becoming a divorce lawyer but she had never witnessed anything like this before. We sent her office a photo of us standing outside our first house in New Zealand. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do if it is the right thing for you.

There is a huge energy network that covers the San Francisco Bay area. It is an important place on Mother Earth. Three huge lines of energy cross at the Golden Gate. If you cross the bridge you may be able to feel them. The energy is what makes that such a special place. While we were sorting the legal stuff we bought ourselves a comfortable RV and set off to explore. We visited lots of places.

In Sausalito I stumbled upon something that wasn’t right. I felt a network of energy that focused around a large group using crystals, probably New Ager’s who had no idea what they were actually doing. Their intentions were good but they were not very aware but they had been infiltrated and were being used to keep a negative grid in place. I broke it by smashing it on the fourth dimension. I am sure that it was noticed. The powers that were would have been extremely angry but I was an unknown, a wild card and they could do nothing about it. I also released the ghost of an Elf lord who had been trapped underground on the island of Alcatraz for many thousands of years. The prison above him had been torture for him. His release was a marvellous experience.

The huge elementals who had travelled with us assisted and together we re-balanced the energies of and all around the Bay. From the bridge to Berkley, Point Reyes and Drakes Beach to San Francisco itself. We went all over.

We went to Muir Woods to visit the giant redwoods. When we entered the forest the Elf Lord, who is part of me awoke. He started singing to the trees. He released their souls from this dimension and they moved forwards to the fifth which is the Golden Age we are just entering ourselves. It was a very beautiful experience.

We drove across to the west coast to Dillon Beach. I had hardly got out of the car when I felt something huge. It felt El like and as I walked across the beach I stopped and a shaft of energy buried itself in the ground right in front of my feet. They used me as a focus and poured energy into the huge line that runs through there. I looked along the beach and saw a vision. The San Andréa’s fault line opened and underneath it looked like the new grown skin you see under old scar tissue when it falls away. The ground vibrated and glowed with new life and all the energy of Mother Earth as she is now fully ascended. That fault is healed which may reassure people who live along it. Time is relative and hard to fix but there is nothing to worry about.

We went south as far as Big Sur. We took with us a group of isolated fairies who had been trapped in a tiny pocket of wild in otherwise suburban Petaluma and released them at a waterfall. They were ecstatic.

We went north and stayed in a hotel just south of Mendocino. That evening when I meditated I felt two huge Beings. One in the sea and another in the forest. I could have chosen to meet either. We chose a walk in the forest. When we were in the amongst the huge trees quite a long way from the road. I felt a presence. He came closer still. His energy was colossal. Coletta could feel him too.

I was rather nervous but we talked telepathically. He was very courteous and had merely come to greet us. It was a truly memorable experience. There out amongst the huge redwoods it was a truly wild place. He was wild and untamed. I look forward to the time when such encounters are more common.

I mention these experiences, not to impress you, I know who I am, I want you to realize that there is a gloriously strange, untapped world all around you. You can interact with it too. It doesn’t matter where you live. All it takes is to drop the head in favour of the heart. Leave sensible and rational behind and jump into the unknown. Above all things be open, open to anything.

I have mentioned before that one of the huge energy lines links from the Golden Gate through Vietnam. It is about sixty or more miles wide. It runs through San Jose east of LA down through the Gulf of California to the Galapagos islands. The powers that were had spent a great deal of effort keeping the energy of that line as low as they can. They have been quite successful up until recently but their negative energy grid has now collapsed. It is a great opportunity for you to help change things very fast.

I spoke before about souls migrating along the lines of energy. The main soul group from California moves between there, Laos and Vietnam. Look at the number of Californian’s who have lost their lives there. It is not for no reason. They have unknowingly been fighting their brothers and sisters. That is something the dark loves to do. I know I have many readers in California. If you live there you can directly effect what is going on in North Korea. They are part of your soul group. You are all linked. The people who live in North Korea live lives much like the people in the Nazi concentration camps and for much the same reason. You are all immensely powerful, why not use that power.

Do the old 180 trick and use their methods against them. Your link to your soul group means you can directly effect the situation. The control group that runs North America used to run North Korea too. This old order callously arranged the wars. At the moment that is no longer quite the situation. Things are changing there. You can be that change. If what I say resonates with you then give North Korea your attention and if you feel it, your love. It will help lift their burden. See them having all the things you would like yourself.

Spread this information. We are such powerful beings it will only take a very small number of people to make a huge difference. Five to ten people working together could transform things there almost effortlessly.

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