There is far more going on around us than we can sense. Some of us can see and feel a bit more, it just depends on who you are.

My first real interaction was a big surprise. In the 1980’s I was living in the north west of England in a spiritual community. We, several hundred people, meditated together twice a day in a large dome. After one evening meditation a friend came over to me and asked if I would come with him and feel into the building site next door to his house. Both were right next to the dome. All the houses were new but this plot only had the foundation and a concrete slab. It was one of the last not yet built.

My friend didn’t explain anything but he knew me well and that I could sense things. I opened quite innocently. I had just been meditating for a couple of hours and was rather in bliss and therefore super sensitive. I was nearly knocked over by a blast of anger. It really shook me up. We went on to his house and I had to sit down for a while but I was able to cognise what was wrong.

There was a water elemental that used to be at a spring that came up underground below the new house. It was now blocked off. There was a battle in the community about how the new site should be used and the elemental’s discomfort was part of it. I wont go into the story because it is a long one and covers several lifetimes including a Roman centurion and a druid who lived in a tower at that spot. They had a war of wills which was still going on. I may write it up.

I eventually worked out the problem. The situation resolved kindly and the elemental is now very happy living in the old fashioned and rather large sink in the kitchen. When the house was first occupied people brought flowers which were arranged around it in water in this sink. The elemental really liked that. There was also an outside tap that fed from the same place. Water flows around it constantly and it is now very happy. The people in the house are friends and I explained the situation. It was unusual and they were rather sceptical but could just about handle it.

I live in New Zealand now and some ten years or so ago I was at a school production doing the parenting thing. I was introduced to one of the teachers and had an immediate reaction to her. I could sense fear and she made me uncomfortable. She was nice enough, perhaps a bit harsh with her discipline but enthusiastic with her class. We shook hands and something passed between us. It was odd and I was rather pleased when we moved away from her.

Unknown to me she had been cursed probably by a Maori. I don’t interact much with the Maori, at least not the live ones, but have spent quite a lot of energy undoing their curses and moving on dead ones. Individually they come across as a supremely gentle people but they are a warrior race and have a violent history. They are similar to the British in that regard but they are still connected to Mother Earth and have access to some of her magic. They can be influenced by dark forces perhaps because they are very open.

They came to New Zealand relatively recently, about seven hundred years ago. They more or less wiped out all the men of the peaceful race that lived here. They kept some of the women and children and are therefore a bit of a mixture. Some are good some are not, like us they have a past. Their curses appear to use the power of elementals, Earth magic.

In this case the elemental latched onto me somehow and used me as a means of escape. I have lots of weird circuitry that runs in automatic mode. As I was driving home I became aware of something and suddenly realised what it was. I can’t explain how I knew I just did. I cognised it and spoke it at the same time.

What are elementals?

They are beings that have a specific part of nature that they are responsible for. This one was an air elemental. Each elemental has unique abilities, you could call it a job or role that they perform. In this case the elemental reflected. Because the teacher was fearful that is what was reflected back at her. Perhaps the curse involved creating fear which was then reflected back in an endless loop. I don’t know but it must have been very uncomfortable.

For me the elemental reflected back who I am which was a completely opposite experience. I saw a vast Being of light. I was working closely with my partner of the time and I suggested she feel into the elemental which she did and had a similar positive experience. I was fascinated but suddenly realized that although the elemental was not reflecting fear any more it was still tied to me. That was not how it was supposed to be. I released it and gave it or should I say her, her freedom. She was definitely female. It took a while to explain but when she understood she was very happy and disappeared. I forgot about it. This sort of thing is normal for me, every day is an adventure.

A few days later the elemental came back. She asked me if I minded her being there. I said no not at all. She asked if some of her sisters could come too. I said of course, all were welcome which is how we ended up with elementals all over the place. They really liked the energy of the portal where we were living.

I discovered that if I requested it they would interact with anyone. It seemed they really enjoyed doing this service it was part of their function. We had some fun together. When people turned up, as they often do, I could request an elemental to interact with them. Each person had a different experience with a different elemental that was exactly what they needed at the time. For a while this was what I did. I found they would even interact with people on the other side of the world. Time and distance means nothing to them. We have moved on and don’t do it any more so please don’t ask. If you would like to have this experience then ask them yourself. If it is appropriate it will happen for you. The place we lived enabled the elementals to come there quite easily. Not everywhere is as easy for them. Electricity is particularly uncomfortable. I moved away and so has the portal but I will get to that.

We spent time freeing other elementals whenever they were able to get our attention. This could be quite dramatic. One fire elemental caused a glass orange squeezer to leap off the draining board and explode while my partner was doing the washing up. It took a while to understand what the problem was but once we did I was able to free her. I mentioned this to a few people who work like I do and they have found they can free the elementals too. If you want to do this you only need to put it into your awareness. But be warned it takes a bit of getting used to. They are powerful Beings.

Our local dragon was friendly and interested in us. When we started to communicate and I befriended him and told him he was my friend. He did not understand the concept and I had to explain it to him. He was a fast learner.

One day he said to me “You are my friend.”
The Elementals are your friends?’
“Then they are my friends too’

His logic was faultless and I introduced them to each other. They started to hang out together. It was very funny. They appeared to like one another.

There are five types of elemental not four – earth, air, fire, water and akasha. Akashic elementals live in the firmament which is above the atmosphere we know. It was ripped away from the Earth when Atlantis blew up and the Earth fell. The Elohim are repairing all of our world and the rest of our solar system. The firmament is also used by dragons.

I have interacted with some of these akashic elementals. They are very large. They can be harnessed into curses too and I met a few when I released them. I also worked with some in San Francisco. They travelled there with us when we flew over Greenland. All the elementals I have interacted with have been benign not dark. They only do dark things when forced into it. To give you an example.

I walked into a friends new art gallery a few years ago and the whole building was suddenly on fire. It was a bit startling but I felt into it and discovered a fire elemental. This being was tied into a curse on the whole town. It was a gold mining area. That might be the reason. Gold miners are not temperate people and dislike anyone coming near their claim. I discovered that the new settlers had upset the local iwi, or tribe of Maori. This was known by the local people. It was only a temporary settlement the Maori used occasionally but something the settlers did annoyed them. They had put on this big curse using a fire elemental.

There are nine recorded large fires, the first being in 1857 the year gold was discovered. The last big one was in 1967 but there has been several big fires since, the latest in 2004. The largest in 1904 burnt down and destroyed twenty one buildings. It is only a very small town and that wiped most of it out. This big fire started at my friends shop which was a bakers originally and still has the ovens out the back. I have released the elemental and the fires should stop.

Elementals come in many forms. We are mostly unaware of them and tend to upset them with the things we do. Like the devas and other Earth beings we have lost contact for the most part and need to reconnect again. They can be very helpful if you are friendly. They can also be rather scary if you aren’t.

I was living in a house that had a curse on the land. It was on the site at the edge of what had been a village for the local iwi. A raiding party of Maori came down from the north island in a huge war canoe and there was a battle. The raiders wiped out all the men of the village and took over. They took the women they wanted and some of the children but killed the rest. The wise women who were still alive got together. They were furious and used a child to bind a nasty curse. They killed the child who was actually me in a previous incarnation. The curse meant that none of the men would live long lives or have happiness with any of the women. The curse was very powerful. They used dark magic and bound a huge forest elemental, although he may have been a nature spirit.

The history of the house site was difficult. A young girl was raped there by her school teacher, actually her head master. She’s grown up now with children and I know her. She had to go to court and say what happened and is still very messed up. Most couples who lived there split up with their partners. That includes me. We split up shortly after we moved out. My next door neighbour was a lovely man but died of prostate cancer. That took a long time but is fairly typical. I wont list all the problems but it was an unhappy space. The woods around it were full of ghosts of those that died in the battle. I spent some time with a friend who helped to clear them. It was a lovely space or should have been. I could not sleep well in our bedroom. I found it hard to be there.

In the end I worked it out and released the curse. I was part of it and the only one who could undo it. When I did a huge bright green being leapt out of the bedroom wall. He was about seven foot high and looked ready to do battle. He saw me but hesitated when he realised I meant him no harm. I projected that at him. He disappeared through the wall towards the forest. He hung around for a while although I didn’t see him again. I felt his presence. I was cleaning out our greenhouse and there was a borage plant that was almost dead. It only had one leaf and flower and I was just about to remove it when he grabbed my hand by my thumb. It hurt. I explained when he asked what I was doing and he let go but he was very strong. He’s not there now but I don’t know where he’s gone. I used to like gardening, I like plants and growing things but I’m nervous now. I don’t like weeding at all.

I removed another curse which was where the main village was on the other bank of the estuary we lived beside. It involved three huge trees and elementals tied to them. No houses have ever been built there. I was at that property for three years and it took that long to resolve all the local energies.

Not all elementals are in discomfort, some are very well placed. The local springs is a celebration. It is some of the purist water on the planet. It also has an elemental. She is huge, truly enormous and in spite of the Maori trying to control her she does very well. People visit all the time and she likes that. She doesn’t like that people aren’t able to drink her waters or swim there. The local authority, those that think they control the springs prevent this. Such stupidity will soon be of the past. We had a great purification which also washed away the superstructure of the springs. The elemental left. It has been rebuilt. Initially the Maori did something to the space with some ceremony to make it theirs. It was protected before but they took it over as they like to do. They are not very powerful any more and that interference has been removed. It didn’t take much to do that and the elemental is back and much larger than before. Nothing physical was changed and unless you are perceptive you would never know. I like that, it is hidden in plain sight.

What the dark has done is tried to make us like they are – stuck in our heads. They don’t have refined senses and intuition is not encouraged. Feelings are suppressed. We have a rich world all around us and it is our responsibility to care for it. Learning to interact with elementals is a good start. Just have that intention and it can happen.

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