Earth changes

An earthquake tends to get your attention as does a flood or a heat wave.
Any force of nature tends to reduce you somewhat.
So what is going on at the moment with these phenomena?

I meditate most days at around 5pm. It enables anyone who wants to join us to know when to come. At about 9 minutes past five the other day we had been meditating long enough to be very deep when things started to get a bit strange. I felt like I was moving. I was.

We were right in the middle of the largest earthquake I have ever experienced. It went on for about a minute. It was reported as a 6.9 when we first checked. It was actually a series of quite large quakes and after shocks all very close together. We have had very many smaller quakes; at least forty just this morning. There was a 4.7 as I was writing.

We live about a hundred miles away from the epicentre and are not badly effected. If you have ever been in a moderate earthquake you will know how peculiar it feels. It is a bit like being in fierce turbulence in an air plane. We opened our eyes and watched as doors and windows rattled around and the couches we were sitting on seemed to move in all directions up down and sideways. When it finished and nothing bad had happened we resumed our meditation.

I closed my eyes and immediately felt Gaia and her relief at shedding something she had been holding for a very long time. She was in bliss. Her body felt smooth as if a twist had been removed. Coletta who was there too felt her and likened the experience to a visit to the chiropractor when you have something out of place and it has been reset and the pain is gone. That is what is happening just some corrections to our Mother’s body. The dark has created energies that have set up tensions on her surface and now they are being released.

One of the things the Els told us was that in order for us all to ascend together, Mother Earth’s surface has to be returned to her original pristine condition. They went on to say that lands that had sunk needed to rise and those places that had risen up where they should not be, will fall.

This includes the rise of both Atlantis and Lemuria. These continents are coming back up and have been doing so for years. Atlantis is now discernible and there are many reports of new finds; interesting architecture that has been discovered under the water. Lemuria is in the Pacific and the activity around the ring of fire is caused by changes as Lemuria stirs. New Zealand was a part of Lemuria in the same way that Greater Britain and Ireland were a part of Atlantis.

The changes we are experiencing now have been put off for a very long time. Gaia has held onto them for as long as she could. Now that we are changing we have removed a great many of the problems caused by our being asleep and Gaia can relax a bit. Our awareness has risen and with it our consciousness. This can be looked at as a reduction in our tensions. Mother Earth is simply reflecting what we are going through. As above so below – we are changing together.

The weather patterns and so called ‘climate change’ is all part of the new world we are moving into. Yes the climate is going to change but that is not going to be bad. It will be far more equable than it is now. It is turbulent at the moment partly because it has been interfered with but also because it is changing.

What do you set your central heating to in the winter if you have one?
That will probably be the temperature for most of the planet; less hot, less cold. Climate change is therefore not necessarily a bad thing and definitely not our fault. Do not buy into the fear that has been projected onto us that we are responsible for it and that it has been caused by damage.

That does not mean there is not a problems caused by pollution. Our world does need cleaning up and we will soon have the opportunity to do just that. But what has been very cleverly projected onto us is that all the problems caused by the suppression of non polluting technology are our fault.

That is not so at all. The sun attenuates our climate and is by far the most influential factor in the equation. Part of the crap that is in the chem trails is material designed to reflect the new energy coming from the sun with the intention of preventing the Earth from receiving these new energies. Fortunately there has been an intervention and that won’t work.

There is no need for oil, nuclear or even so called green energy devices. They can all be replaced by free energy from technology that has been around for at least a hundred years. There are and has been for a long time technologies that can remove the need for all of the waste we have had to live in. Pollution has been intentional as has been deforestation. Once you have that clearly understood you can then start to move forwards.

I could make a very long list of the many ways we have been harassed and how our beautiful Mother has been damaged on her surface. You probably are aware of most of them but I must repeat:


All you need do is shed the responsibility for it and put that were it rightly belongs; the ones that have prevented us from having access to an alternative.

Who are they?
The ones who have been in power. The old world order, the dark cabal what ever you want to call them. Their power has gone and changes are afoot. We don’t need to beat them up about it, we only need to demand and initiate a change. There are so few of them that they cannot stop our concerted effort.

The reason you pollute at the moment is because you have no choice.

No matter how green you are you pollute. If you are reading this you have a computer be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. All of them pollute in one way or another.

You pollute a little or a lot and that has been your only choice.

Don’t accept this. There are actually very many solutions to all the problems that surround us. Some of them are almost unbelievable. I won’t go into them now but be assured that what is coming is going to be better than anything you can ever imagine. Think Startrek and way beyond….

So why don’t we have access to these devices?
The only thing that is stopping us is us.

We need to take full responsibility for what is happening in our world. If you look around you that is actually happening almost everywhere. In very many countries the people have said ‘no more’ and are demanding change. This is just the start. Be a part of it. Feel it.

There is a concerted effort that is organized and active. It involves every country and involves very many different peoples. We the peoples of the Earth are only one part of what is happening. There is a lot of help available. This is the most exciting time there has been – ever.

Expect great things and expect them soon. Get excited about living in a free world where, as long as it is life supporting, you will able to do absolutely anything you want.

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