These books are in  epub format and will work on most devices but let me know if you have a problem.

The Rayman book 1

  • Book 1 is the Rayman's personal story. He is a musician but also uses light in his performances to project a visual element to his music. He is just starting to reach his full potential when he has an accident and is suddenly flung into a very difficult place. He is rescued by strange elemental beings who not only help him but teach him how to heal. In this process they change him and he can no longer play. He becomes a wounded healer who learns to heal himself

Growth book 2

  • Book two is about growing in many ways. Donna, one of the Rayman's young friends, has an insatiable desire for knowledge. She decides to visit the huge community called the Gathering which she has heard about from Carrie the Rayman's partner and more notably from her mother. That is where she was brought up came from originally. She assures Donna they can teach everything she want to know.

Transformation book 3

  • Book three is about our present journey and continues the story from book 2. I don't expect you to believe me until it happens but here it is. My characters explore some of the limits of human ability in a humorous madness that was great fun to write. I have met some of the star children and Brian one of the main protagonists epitomises them all. Writing this book was a wonderful experience