The Joy of the Ego

The least comprehended part of the self is the ego. That is probably because people try to think about it.

The mind our mental processes is only a small part of who we are and is incapable by its nature of comprehending the ego because it is a subjective experience. We use the mind to make sense of everything around us. That works at a basic level. We are fairly good at interpreting most things but you cannot understand the ego. It is part of who you are and it defines your differences from everybody else, your uniqueness. That is its main function. That is not a bad thing but of great value. It is a different way of looking at things. That is what I am good at. I don’t think in the conventional way. My ego wont allow it.

Your Higher self the most exalted part of you is part of the divine and doesn’t need any separation because it is totally integrated. We do, we need a separation. In our human body we could not function independently without it. Our journey requires self awareness and that is its job. It is the I in ‘I am’. I am is what ego actually means in Latin.

It gives us autonomy and the ability to have free will. Our free will is independent. Source experiences us, aspects of itself, making choices and having experiences. We can choose to align with anything at all. To turn towards the divine is a choice. We could not make that choice or any choice without the ego. There needs to be something, an identity to make it.

Self mastery is a bit of an oxymoron we don’t have to master anything. We need only accept and find out who we really are. To do that we only need to expand our consciousness, to become more aware.

The dark doesn’t want us to discover who we are. The dark is very clever, it has tied us into thinking that the ego is a bad thing and we are told we have to master it. Infantile, self absorbed behaviour is labelled egocentric when actually it only shows where on our journey the person is. Your choices are dictated by how evolved you are. You are no better or worse for only just starting or being nearly at the finish. The ego makes our journey possible. You are defined by it.  Someone with a big ego doesn’t need to impose their will on others because they know who and what they are. That is reserved for someone with a small ego who is still learning. Do you see the difference?

When we interact with others we should allow them to make their own choices. We are completely free to react to them in any way we like.

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  1. Thank you very much Ray. Once again your blog is providing me with grist for the mill. This does give ego a much, much better image. 👌. 😊

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