Energy work

We are all energy. Modern scientists, like Nassim Haramein, tells us that even sub atomic particles are just energy fields and have no physical substance at all. We are energy then but we are far more than this we are a specific kind of energy.

This is the place where science and the esoteric meet, our true nature is powerful; all we are is love. We are light beings. Light is love manifest. How we resonate defines what we can perceive and interact with; our density. We have come to the end of an era and are moving densities at the moment. It is a very exciting time.

Everything in creation is energy and is a part of the whole. Actually not quite all, there was an opposite which is still here – for the moment. When creation formed a reflection was created an anomaly which has the opposite value. High level beings from the positive density went into it as an experiment to see what happened but they became stuck and were cut off. They became dark beings. I wont go into that now. This post is about my local energy lines and how they have been effected by dark interference.

I have worked in Europe, Britain, America, Africa and more lately down under in New Zealand. If you haven’t been to New Zealand you will most likely have seen some of it in films. It is a beautiful place but like everywhere it hasn’t escaped damage. My journey has been to help heal the land by rearranging the energy. There are very many of us who do this. We each do it a little differently. I am closely linked to the natural world and the beings that look after it. Sometimes I can perceive them. Most people can’t actually see them but sometimes you may feel their presence. The nature spirits in their very many forms; fairies, elementals, devas, inhabit slightly different densities to us. You need to go up perhaps in order to interact with them.

At the moment I live in Golden Bay which is at the north of the south island over towards its west coast. It is fairly central to the two main islands.

Golden Bay

The bay itself is surrounded by mountains which in the past made it fairly inaccessible except from by sea. There is a road but it goes over the top of what the locals euphemistically call the hill.

Looking across the main valley from half way up the hill in winter. It has never actually snowed where I live down in the valley.

The hill rises very steeply to up to 1000 metres or about 3000 feet but there is a pass. It is is the only road in and out. It was washed away again towards the end of last summer and is still being repaired. The mountains were hit by a deluge, the weak tail end of a cyclone which dumped huge amounts of rain and that caused 16 enormous slips. Fortunately that was all on the other side of the mountains. It hardly effected us apart from our being cut off for several weeks. It’s a wild remote place and has wonderful energy. The energy is what I want to talk about but first let me give you some background.

We’re not just our physical body but that is all most of us know. We have several subtle energy fields that surrounds us that make up other bodies. We have a few. Some people can see auras and you can even take photos of them using special cameras. They only show the outside of one energy field not its inner workings. We have a network of energy lines that has centres or focal points inside and above our body. Some disciplines call these chakras.

New chakras system

Each one is a focus for different energy. I saw them once and they look very like the classical description of discs. The main points are connected together in a network by meridians or energy channels. The energy in them needs to be flowing freely or we get sick. This is what acupuncturists talk about when they speak about chi being blocked. We have known these things in our past and this knowledge is coming back. The structure of the body we inhabit is very complex and is made up of many different kinds of energy. That’s all we are, an energy being but that is true for our planet too.

She is a being very similar to us. The planet, the Earth, is the 3D physical body for a being some call Gaia. I have interacted with her several times. She communicates telepathically and doesn’t need a label, you know exactly who she is which is a truly marvellous being. Energy is important to her because it provides her nutrition. She doesn’t get it second hand as we do at the moment. She is a higher level being and lives on pure energy which is fed to her partly by the Sun. Our Sun is an energy being too but on a much larger scale. The Sun provides energy for our entire solar system but energy is also fed to the Sun and through to us from other places, from other dimensions.

There is a cycle of energy that works similar to our breathing or blood circulation. All of creation is in constant motion. There needs to be movement for an exchange of energy to renew otherwise it stagnates. We are all energy beings but the rate at which we vibrate can be very different. Our journey is to move up in frequency to vibrate higher, to go up in density.

Here on Earth we have opposition that has been trying to prevent that from happening. This group are controlled by the ones that entered the anomaly. They have been holding us back for a very long time but they are on the back foot. As a species we are going to be going up very much higher and there is nothing they can do to stop it. The work I do is intended to help speed this process up.

When I first arrived in Golden Bay about twelve years ago although it was a lovely place I soon discovered that there was dark energy here that needed to be removed. Dowsers can detect all sorts of different energy but the energy they are best known for are the ley lines. The leys form a network which is very similar to human meridians. This network connects the main energy centres and covers the whole planet.There is far more to it and ley lines are only a small part of the whole. As I have said the energy they transfer is important because it is what feeds our planet and keeps her vital. It works in a similar way to our blood circulation system. Think of ley lines as being similar to our capillaries. They are very small and near the surface. There are larger channels that run deeper. We humans are heavily influenced by how this energy is flowing because our planet is our environment.

Energy flows a bit like water. It is normally free flowing but it can be manipulated, blocked up, diverted and polluted. For thousands of years the malevolent group have been actively polluting our energies. They do this using negative actions: wars, genocides, burning forests and many other atrocities but they also pollute using chemicals and radiation. Anything that is harmful effects us and our planet because it lowers our vibration. They have controlled this place and implanted systems in us as we incarnate that are designed to prevent our growth and keep us placid and controlled.

The dark forces devised a negative energy grid which they established as part of their control system. It covered the entire solar system but not in a way we can detect. They installed a massive low level being that is sentient. It lives in a plasma dimension close to our own. This being is or was a black octopus some call Yaldabaoth. I have seen it. It was linked to us by the implants that kept us literally in the dark. It also blocked help coming here by blocking benign energy or at least it did. It is being removed and has almost gone.

On our planet in 3D and slightly above that in the lower fourth density there is or has been technology that radiates dark energy. The dark also used some of the network that was already here. They did that by polluting it, which actions also changed the energy. That prevents us from evolving and therefore makes us easier to control. Control is their main focus, it enables them to use our individual energy. The consequences of their actions means we don’t remember who we are. If we did we could easily overpower them. We are amnesiacs but I wont get into that right now either.

If Mother Earth’s energy network is contaminated locally then negative energy flows through her to us. This only happens at and near the surface. Deep down Gaia is a truly marvellous being and is largely unaffected but she doesn’t like it. We are supposed to look after her not contaminate her further. This problem is being redressed. We are very close to the action that will transform everything and put her back to how she is supposed to be. Like us She is going to be rejuvenated. Our short lives have been imposed. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. The dark energy prematurely ages us.

The dark network helped to control us mainly by overriding positive influences. Wars were always started at a positive energy focus. Places like Iraq which contains important feminine energy centres. All the mayhem we have endured has been where it is for a reason. There has been chaos created because that creates imbalance which helps keep us divided and in ignorance. Should we come together all this mayhem will stop. That is where we are right now. We are finally, if somewhat slowly, coming together. Our forces are much larger than the dark’s and we are winning.

As we gain access to strong positive energy we will quickly overcome all dark influences. That is our nature and what is happening. Our whole solar system is being fed vast amounts of positive energy. It is unstoppable and will lift us up but that too is another story.

What I am saying may be a bit too much to take in all at once especially if this is new to you but it may help you understand what I am about to write about. It explains what I have been doing. Like many others I came here to make a difference and assist with the coming changes. My role has been mainly garbage duty. I help undo and remove bad energy but let me start by talking about the opposite.

There are many places in Golden Bay that have very positive energy. They have real power and the three I want to talk about all involve water. They are also in a straight line as you can see on the map below. They are all well known for their beauty.This is a positive energy line that runs through several other special places too and includes a place known as the Grove, which is another tourist attraction. People are attracted to this energy because that is our nature. At heart we are all positive energy beings.

I have worked on this line for many years undoing dark energy pollutions but had no idea what I was actually doing for quite a long time. When I first arrived here about twelve years ago this line was criss crossed by energy that was very negative. It conflicted with it and dropped the energy lower making it all rather negative. This is what I had to undo. I just followed my intuition and did anything that was required. I changed the energy as things came up.

This could mean doing something as simply as undoing a Maori curse. Perhaps that needs an exclamation. The Maori are relative new comers to New Zealand and have only been here for about 800 years. There were people here many thousands of years before them and most of them were very peaceful, some didn’t even have a word for war. For some reason those in power here at the moment don’t want us to know about them. There is a very good series of videos that goes into the story about New Zealand’s different ancient peoples and I have linked them below. The third one covers Hawaii and ties all the migrations in the pacific area together. It is an important area because, like the Atlantic which had the continent of Atlantis, the Pacific had a continent too. It is usually referred to as Mu or Lamuria.

Unfortunately the battle for the media has meant two of the three videos I want to show had been removed or rather restricted to the YouTube channel but I managed to find them. You may need to go to the YouTube channel in order to watch them. To do that copy and paste the address below:

Two links do work at the moment but YouTube is a battlefield and you may need to go to the channels home page to view the first one.

1 New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads


I have several memories of lifetimes living in New Zealand long before the Maori came. The Maori are a powerful warrior race and a some of them can be rather hostile if provoked. They still have a close relationship with the Earth and understand her subtle energies. They know about elemental beings. Most care for them and help the Earth as their traditions dictate but there are a few who will use this knowledge to put a curse on anyone who upsets them. They mainly use elementals harnessing their power, tying them into their curses to energies them. Elementals are strong beings in their own right but are innocent and playful. Tying them into a curse is very harmful to them and to our Earth. It takes them away from what they should be doing. Whenever I come across a curse I always undo them.

Curses can date back a long way. To give you an example. In a place now called Collingwood the European settlers first arrived in about 1851. They got on fairly well with the Maori for a while but eventually something they did upset them. The tribe only used the place as a temporary camp for fishing but they were angry enough to put a dark curse on the small town using a fire elemental as its focus. Collingwood town is very small place, only a village really but it has a history of fires. It burned down completely in 1904. It has had many more fires than it should. This is well known enough that this has been documented on a web page. Local historians have listed all the fires up until 2004 which is when the page was made. There have been more fires since.

A good friend of mine set up his art studio in the centre of this small town. He understands what I do because he’s a little like me too and also works with energy. He seems attracted to the worst possible places and goes in and undoes anything dark. He is a very special person. When I visited him I felt into the energy of the building to see if anything needed clearing. The whole building was suddenly on fire. It wasn’t but I could see fire everywhere around me. I felt into it and found a strong fire elemental that was caught up in a nasty curse. I have a close affinity to elementals and can free them. I don’t know how, I just do. The building used to be a bakery and the ovens at the back is where the worst of the fires started. There shouldn’t be any more fires.

I have undone many curses. One curse involved me in a previous incarnation. I was a very small child and was sacrificed, killed and used to bind a nasty curse. That was done by the women of the village after all their men were slaughtered by an invading tribe of warriors from the north. My mother was from a different tribe but I was born from a relationship she had before she joined their tribe. I wasn’t really one of them. This curse used very dark magic and was intended to harm only the men. They would never be comfortable with the women they took and would all die young. It took a lot of undoing. I think I could only do it because part of me was used to create it.

The being involved was a nature spirit or forest deva rather than an elemental and he was very angry. When I first released him he thought it was me who had imprisoned him because in a way it was. He stood about eight foot tall and was a vivid bright green. He was ready to do battle with me. When I didn’t attack him he calmed down and eventually walked away through the wall but he wasn’t happy. He was suspicious of me and stayed close by for a while keeping an eye on me and everything I did. He nearly broke my thumb when I was clearing up my greenhouse. I was going to replant it and was removing anything old. I uprooted an old borage plant that only had one flower and a bit of leaf. It was very nearly dead but it was still precious to him. I had to explain and he eventually let me go but that really hurt. He saw I meant no harm and eventually he disappeared into the forest.

That curse had plagued the people in the area for years. Someone I know was raped on that very spot by her then head master. She was a very young girl at the time, only about fourteen. It caused a huge uproar because she had to relate the whole experience in court. She has never really recovered. All the couples that lived in the wonderful house that was built on this spot split up or had a very difficult time until they eventually left. My next door neighbour wasn’t old by New Zealand standards, but he died a painful rather drawn out death from cancer. The people who built the house had a huge row with their next door neighbours. It was so bad they decided they just couldn’t stay in their straw bale dream house they’d spent so many years building. There were may manifestations of the curse while we lived there.

It was very complicated to undo and wasn’t the only one, there were several other curses in the same area. The women of the village were very strong. Their curses were many layered and took me about three years to remove. I also removed the effects of the battle that wiped out the original village men. I could do a whole post just about doing that but I wont do it now. I only want to illustrate how powerful a curse can be.

Undoing them is not for the faint hearted. I sometimes get psychically attacked after I remove them, sometimes just before. The dark faction doesn’t like it when you undo their manipulations. If they can see your actions being transmitted along a timeline they will try to stop you. I wont go into that now either but these attacks often tip me off that there is something I need to do. I have help and some protection but unfortunately that doesn’t always work. My opposition is mostly human and they have free will too. They can be twisted by dark influences but are still human. It hasn’t been that easy. I have been hospitalized and nearly killed a time or two. It never is easy when you take on the dark but I accept that as part of my journey.

I was writing this fairly late last night and at about midnight decided to go to bed. I don’t sleep much but I like to give my body rest. I was not thinking but my attention was on what I had been writing. About two o’clock I was not awake or asleep when I heard a strident call. I saw a being that was a very long way away and in another dimension. It was a very powerful dark being but there was no hostility. It used my awareness to project its presence to me. All the hairs on my body stood up on end as they do when a disembodied being comes near. We interacted at a telepathic level. I got the impression that this being was leaving and no longer had any interest here. We have interacted several times. When you do that you take some part of the being you interact with as they take part of you. You exchange energies. We gave those energies back to each other. This being some call Archon and that it was leaving is very significant. It tells me we have entered new territory. There was no sense of surrender or that it had come over to the light only that it wanted nothing more to do with here. I can’t tell you how good that is.

As well as undoing curses there are other dark energies I have removed. I moved on two rather tortured souls. These people, both women, had willingly taken on dark powers when they were alive. That made them very strong but when they died the same power imprisoned them. They become stuck in the lower forth dimension. The fourth dimension is a transitional space and you go through it to get to where you need to go after you die. The dark can use human spirits who they trap there. They become an energy supply. Anyone these victims controlled when they were alive become subject to the dark beings too. In New Zealand that usually means Maori, not always but usually members of the same tribe. I have moved on thousands by moving on a single individual. As I said in both cases they were women. Female energy is especially strong here.

Dark energy in Golden Bay was grounded here by many atrocities. That is the dark’s pattern. Whole villages were wiped out by marauding tribes who came down from the north. Actions like that leave an impression on the land. They can also create dark portals or gateways that go down to denser levels of creation. That is another reason for this action. The beings that live lower down in density get access to us here. That happens when our actions drop the energy low enough. I have blocked off a few of these dark portals. I wont dwell on these negatives incidents too much but there had been plenty. Golden Bay is a very powerful place. It naturally has strong healing energies which meant it was targeted for dark actions designed to distort them.

I have also removed a network that was established by a group of people using psychic abilities with crystals. The tricky thing with this is that they don’t realise they are being used. I did this once before in Sausalito, California. People come together using crystals for healing or perhaps out of curiosity. They have some psychic ability and are drawn in but are used to establish a dark network that imposes itself and contaminates the benign energy. In Golden Bay the main focus was a long way away actually in Tasmania. I could sense one or two elderly ladies. I broke up this network on the forth dimension by destroying the crystals. That shocked them but they wont do it again. There was a dark being a creature of some kind who lived close to Wainui which I will get too shortly. I kept out of this beings way but his lair was completely washed away in the big flood. It was on the edge of a cliff and the big slip took out a large part of the road too.

I worked using the positive energy line enhancing and reinforcing it. I don’t do any of this work consciously. I follow my guidance and intuitions. One of the first places I was drawn to was to a waterfall known as Wainui falls. Wai means water and nui means large or abundant. It is a sacred place – well they all are but it is a healing space and a portal or gateway that goes up to higher dimensions.

Wainui Falls

I have written about juxtaposed realities in my blog before. Well this is such a place where several dimensions meet. If you have the right energy you can move up temporarily. You go down again when you leave but do retain some of the higher energy. It is good to visit such places which have a very healing energy especially for an evolved soul. I took a good friend there and he was so different afterwards that his wife told me she hardly recognised him.

In order to reach the falls you walk up a narrow path that sometimes hugs the cliffs high above the river which is down below it in a gorge. Eventually you have to cross over the river using a swing bridge.

The person on the bridge is an actor from the film I was making at the time but there is a being in front of her. It looks like a huge orb. My partner was taking stills as I was filming. Digital cameras sometimes reveal non corporal beings. This one is the guardian of this space not just a mark on the lens. There is nothing on the photos taken before or the next two after this photo was taken but the being is in one other taken further down the valley. I have taken many photos like this one, some have hundreds of orbs in them but this one is the largest I’ve ever seen.

The far side or the river can be a different space or reality, it depends on your personal energy. It has or had a higher vibration than everywhere else. The Earth has moved up since this photo was taken and the difference has been removed but if you come to Golden Bay it is still a place well worth a visit. Unlike many other places it has never been contaminated.

Pupu Springs – it is this colour. The upwelling in the centre is where I saw the deva.

The second spot is called Pupu springs. It is famous for its bright clear waters that peculates to it through the limestone mountains. It also had a bridge and a guardian. If you were able and allowed to pass you could enter the higher realm there too. The springs themselves are home to a huge water deva, a female. She was enormous the largest I have ever seen. She was very well guarded but appears to have gone now, I don’t sense her any more. The portal to her dimension is shut off and the energy has changed.

The Aorere river near Brown Hut.

The third place is not easy to define. It is at the junction of two rivers in a forest close to Brown hut which is at the start of the Heaphy track. The Heaphy track is a famous four of five day walk that crosses through the mountains and runs from Golden Bay to the west coast. The area involved is virgin forest with some huge trees. New Zealand’s isolation means trees have evolved rather differently than elsewhere. They are not broad leafed trees but have small leaves and are mostly evergreen. There are tree ferns that look very like people to me.

My friend Ngang the artist and another English friend who was visiting at the healing tree

The European settlers cut down most of the ancient trees especially in the north island. They were used to build the original version of San Francisco. This timber was mostly destroyed during the fire following the huge earthquake in 1906. They didn’t cut down the trees at Brown Hut or along the rugged west coast because there was no easy way to get the timber out. This patch of forest has retained a magic all of its own. There is a bridge there too which leads to a healing tree or rather a pair of them. One is shown above. There are several special spots but you can’t get to any of the places where I filmed because the paths have all gone. They were washed away in a massive flood.

Two elements cleanse; fire and water. When it was appropriate Mother Earth stepped in and the negative energy residues that were still here were all washed away. All the places I had been working had massive rain. At Wainui they recorded over a meter of rain in just a three days. All the spots that had been dark were thoroughly cleansed. There were mud slides and a thick gravelly sand that spread out across the farmers land. Some of it was a metre and a half thick and it covered the fields beside the river. The roads was impassable for months. I was cut off where I lived and couldn’t get into town for about three weeks. We only had about 350 millimetres but even that is a lot of rain in a couple of days.

Other places were unharmed but all three of these special places had torrential rains. Wainui falls lost most of the path which had to be replaced. Pupu had a viewing platform and several walkways in the woods that were completely washed away. The local council took the opportunity to take it over and replaced what was there completely with a touristy path which has a strong Maori identity. That seemed to have removed access to the higher realms. We have been told by the local council not to touch the water to prevent contamination. They even put up signs. The water deva didn’t like that. She felt her water should be free for everyone. Drinking her water will increase your energy. The council is in part controlled by the dark, probably unknowingly but they can be a nuisance. I have run into them several times before. They are part of my opposition but they live on the other side of the hill and don’t effect us much. The Deva is still there but is higher than I can reach – for the moment. I went there recently and saw hundreds of much smaller water elementals.

Since I wrote this I have been working there and placed a very powerful object in the water. It is a stone but is a very special one that has been energised. If you are concerned at my actions, at a prosaic level it is only a stone, it wont harm anything in any way but it appears to have done the trick. I opened to see if I could sense the deva and was greeted by hundreds of water elementals. There were none apparent before. They were very happy and I expect the access to higher realms is coming back. I tried to get an accurate fix of the spot in order to plot it on my maps but although the satellites are many something is preventing that. The energy is so strong that I couldn’t get a fix and the GPS thought I was in a field quite some distance away.

The forest were the rivers meet was under twenty feet of water during the flood and is unrecognisable. All the little paths and bridges I used to use were washed away. The smaller river cut a massive trench and I cant get there any more. I could walk into the forest fairly easily but it isn’t wise to do that here in New Zealand. When you go off the path you can get lost very quickly. I have a honed sense of direction having made maps for fifteen years but when I tried it I got totally lost in just fifty yards. I had to close my eyes and use the noise of the river to find my way out. It looks easy enough but even people with gps or a compass go missing occasionally. I haven’t been there for a while, its about an hour away and up a long dirt road which has a couple of deepish fords. You need a good 4WD especially in the winter but my car would probably get me there in the summer. I may visit then.

The energy has changed completely and these three special spots are more like the rest of the area around them now. That is how it should be. All the rest has moved up. The energy is moving up everywhere. We are coming into a huge transitional time when we are going to rise higher than you can imagine.

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  1. Lieber Ray,
    ich bin beeindruckt von deiner Vita und deiner Art und Weise, dein Leben, deine Gedanken zu teilen.
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    Danke dafür.

    Ich habe eine große Bitte an dich.
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    Für’s erste würde schon ein Name reichen.


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      Es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht viel anderes als das Foto selbst habe. Ich versuche, ein Bild zu verwenden, das meine Beiträge verkörpert.


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