Our planet needs fixing. We live in a bit of a disaster area but its not just the physical pollution that needs to be removed. It is also polluted by fear.

There are many things wrong with our world. Nearly all of them have simple solutions. The means to deal with them has been hidden from us for years. The power structure that controls us uses fear. Removing that first reduces the difficulty very quickly. Fear is insidious because it generates problems. Fear is used to direct our manifesting abilities to create problems were there are none. Our energies all 7.6 billion of us is a large collective awareness and if moved in the right direction can overcome anything. The physical problems have been manufactured intentionally and are relatively easy to fix as I have said. We have been deliberately starved of technology that will reduce and remove nearly all of them. We need to sort out the bad guys first. If we aren’t frightened we can’t be controlled.

How our collective feels is very important. We can change the weather, create earth shakes and all sorts of disasters with negative thoughts but more importantly we can also do the opposite. We can calm things down. If we do it together coherently, even a few of us, then that is so potent it overrides everyone else. We only need about 144,000 people doing the same thing in a coherent group. People in groups, myself included, have been doing this for many years and our efforts are starting to pay off.

To give you an idea what our future holds I am sharing a few things from my past. I was reading a book created by the group I worked with. It contains information about the structure of our planet; knowledge shared by the masters. Our planet like all others was created perfect but was jolted out of position in a horrendous event that is known as the fall. This happened many thousands of years ago. The Earth has been gently moved back and is heading for her rightful position again, if she hasn’t reached it already. This work is part of our ascension process.

The jar caused by the fall caused many upheavals and the environment took over a thousand years to settle. This is easily seen in the strata of the rocks. The change in position meant we were cut of from five of the twelfths Rays of energy we should be receiving. The Rays are what constitute our life force. The loss of five of them effected us badly and made us more dense. It reduced our consciousness. The good news is that all the damage has been repaired and the five Rays are back including new ones that will help raise our consciousness very much higher and fast.

The work required that the distribution system be repaired. It was damaged partly blocked and misaligned in places which meant it wasn’t working very well. The repair work was started in the 1970’s and completed in the early two thousands by the beings who made it, the Els who are a group within the Elohim. I was involved towards the end of this process and witnessed some of it.

I am busy documenting the distribution network and have been looking at the original materials I used when mapping it. The book also contains knowledge. One of the interesting discoveries I made was that a perfect planet, which ours will be again, doesn’t have earth quakes as we do. All continents sit separately on their own plate and are at the same level. There are vast underground caverns and waters that keep them apart. These are designed to absorb the shocks of any movement. The way that our world works was not the intention and that is going to change. As you can imagine that is no small task but is happening now. It puts a different slant on environmentalism.

Yes we need to clean up how we operate but to do that efficiently our personal task is to remove fear. If you need guidance on how to do that look here

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  1. Thank you for the work you are doing Ray. This post and it’s link to the one about handling fear have been reassuring and helpful.

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