We experience. The experiencer is the important part.

I experience. I will use I to identify you because that is who you are. We are a collection of experiencers. We experience ourselves as; I am. We are capable of doing that together all at once. That is who we really are; we are One.

It isn’t necessary to quantify to judge what I experience. None of the experiences have more value than any other, they are not good or bad they just are. They can be anything from the most mundane to very far out but they are just experiences. We are separate from them; I experience.

We enjoy comfortable experiences and may want to stay with them but uncomfortable experiences usually stimulate change. Each experience adds to our collective awareness. Each individual expands not just themselves but everybody else. With each experience we grow.

Like a baby we add a constant stream of learning by checking out what is available in our vicinity. We go further all the time. We react to what we experience. Some we enjoy, others we don’t, some may confuse us. That doesn’t matter even that is an experience. We expand by experiencing new things constantly. We notice repetition. We react differently perhaps. That is a new experience. We learn.

Our awareness is coloured by previous experience. We have several that we are used to. These are states of consciousness. There are a few, I know of at least seven.

Our normal state of consciousness is the waking state. We are fairly familiar with this experience but it is dependant on which body is dominant. Most people are stuck in their mental body, their awareness is associated with thinking. Some prefer the sensory experience of the physical body others are more emotional. We may flow from one to the other changing all the time. Music is a powerful experience because it engages all three of these lower aspects of us. They tend to dominate but we have two other bodies. I wont go into them now but they each experience differently.

We all experience dreaming which is another state of consciousness. We sometimes remember our dreams when awake but we can also participate. Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are. You can do things, influence and change the dream. Dreaming like the other states has it own corresponding states for our bodies. The physical body is resting but can be active. The mind is usually switched off but the emotional body can be very busy. Every dream is different.

Sleep can be experienced but that requires a higher state of awareness. Most people don’t experience anything but lack of awareness. The physical body is inert, the mind is switched off. We don’t experience emotions.

There are other states which we may first experience when we meditate.

It is possible to be fully aware when beyond thought, when our mental body is turned off and we stop thinking. The physical body is static. We are in a state of restful alertness. Our senses are still working but we are in a refined space where we sense but don’t react. You can achieve this state by refining any of the senses.

Mantric meditation uses the sense of sound. Mandalas or yantras use the sense of sight. There are many other techniques but the objective is the same, to transcend thoughts, to go beyond them. It may be defined differently, I am using words that are familiar to me. That doesn’t matter. There are very many techniques but their goal is to reach a state when you stop thinking. Some call this silent mind and you can experience this in any state of consciousness. It is a powerful experience. This is when you will experience Source. That is a very pleasant experience. Source is your true nature which is pure love. We experience it as bliss.

The more you experience Source the more you gradually become infused with it. Your state of awareness is dependant on how you are. If you are tired you will fall asleep. If you are in pain that will probably dominate. You have to attend to any problems although meditating will often help. The sleep you get when you meditate is very deep and refreshing. If you are very upset you will calm down. Pain can be alleviated but that may be uncomfortable. We each are subject to how we are.

Over time this state of expanded awareness begins to be there no matter how you are. You can experience mental silence even when awake, in pain or very upset. You become more One and are able to experience more. Your senses become refined, your mental acuity is balanced and your subtle awareness starts to manifest. Your intuition guides you, you know what is best for you at any moment.

Every single one of us has a unique balance. We each experience differently and that expands the group collective. Source experiences itself through us. Our journey takes us higher, we become more refined. It is not possible to go down unless you will it. That is just a choice.

Experiences then is a part of our journey. We are here to experience. What we choose to experience is up to us. You wont experience much if you don’t care for each of your bodies. That is your responsibility. Some experiences are hazardous. Our intuition can guide us away from them. We may have damaged our bodies but they can be repaired. We may be very ill but that is up to us too. That may seem really hard but believe me its true. I know this from direct experience.

Everybody has a right to any experience. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with other peoples choices. We know what is right for us but cannot judge what is right for others. We can advise but should not interfere unless we are asked or guided to.

The dark, our opposition is loosing way, they used to interfere all the time to give us challenging experiences. They aren’t as effective any more. We are very powerful and because things are changing we can actually define our experience. I do this all the time, like lucid dreaming we can guide our experiences how we want.

Take control of your own experiences, feel a pleasant outcome, let it go and it will happen.

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