Our world is fantastic but don’t tell our controllers, actually they wont notice.

The makeup of a dark being here depends on how high they are. They love hierarchy, its their objective to get to the top no matter what. They must obey the hierarchy, no disobedience is tolerated but they fight with each other all the time.

They are what we call competitive and that is based on survival of the fittest. Now I’ve heard that before somewhere.

They may or may not have a physical body. The highest usually don’t but may occasionally use one. They are not kind to it.

They have a mental body. That is all most of them have got. Intellect and mind games are everything for them. They objectify all that is around them because they can’t feel that everything is alive. That requires finer perceptions. They contrive objects that can be very powerful. They don’t create them but adapt or distort anything they come across.

Some of the lower level minions have an emotional body but it is broken usually when they are very young. It is traumatised as a way of controlling them. The emotional body is an unknown and it frightens them.

They are masculine orientated and don’t comprehend the feminine. They dismiss it. Does that sound like here?

They haven’t got much then, not when compared to us.


We have more in every way, starting at the top:

We have a direct link to Source, we are part of it. It is what gives us creativity. We can rejoin it.

Source gave us free will too, we can do anything we like. That is a very rare commodity not many beings have it.

We have a very refined emotional body. We can use it with out free will and creativity to manifest anything we like.

That alone is quite tremendous.

We have a balance of male and female qualities and can embrace both.

We perceive everything around us subjectively and objectively.

We can sense far more than they can.

Here be dragons but they don’t notice. Dragons can take them to the cleaners.

Here be all of creation nothing is withheld. We can perceive it all should we wish it.

We have a mental body as good as theirs but is only a small part of who we are.

We have many other bodies and can go almost anywhere.


We have been subject to powerful indoctrination to prevent us remembering who we are. Many of the subtle realms have been dismissed as fantasy. The dark can’t perceive them so they don’t exist.

We aren’t trapped here but they tell us that we are. We create our own cage.

That is the fantasy.




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