Fear of the dark

Fear is an imaginary feeling. It doesn’t exist but it has dominated us for a very long time.
It is the control system.

Fear of almost anything has been how the dark forces controlled us. They set up a scenario to make us afraid and use it to make us do anything they want: war, the atomic bomb, communists, terrorists, disease, lack and shortages, differences, global warming, change. All sorts of things are used to create fear and coral us into accepting specific actions or behaviour.

It is promoted by the main stream media and any detractors are ridiculed or pilloried. Even the word conspiracy has been redefined to have a new function. We are so heavily programmed that we react to the word and dismiss any subject associated with it. It is clever misdirection. There is a whole industry of fear making and fear makers. We are so ensnared by it that we hardly give it a thought. It has become invisible to us.

Awareness of it helps to remove it.

The fear reflex is part of us and is used to preserve us in life threatening situations, it is a part of our autonomous nervous system. We act and it is over. The dark has protracted and constantly stimulated fears which can challenge even the most positively motivated. Fortunately all fear can be dealt with.

When my son was young, like a lot of children he was afraid of the dark. I can relate to that, I was too. I lived in a rural area with hardly any street lights and walking home from school in the dark required courage. I attended a school that had compulsory evening classes and often walked home in the dark in the winter. It was only a few miles but once I was out of the school grounds it was just fields and woods and very dark. The occasional rare car just eliminated my night vision. I have a vivid imagination and the blackness especially under the trees which overhung most of the paths became heavily populated. I had to learn to control my fear from quite an early age.

I taught my son not to be afraid of the dark by making it familiar. I intentionally took him for walks in the dark. I separated from his mother when he was quite young and he stayed with me every weekend. For a while it was a part of our routine on a Friday night to go for a walk in the dark. He became used to it and when we he had friends over we took them with us. His friends would usually stay close to me especially in the woods but he delighted to run ahead and hide then he would jump out to scare us. It was a game he liked to play but showed how well he had become accustomed to being out in the dark. It was familiar and no longer frightened him. He loved it. That is the key.

Most fear is unjustified. It is simply our own making. So strong is our imagination that sometimes we even manage to manifest our fears. Our imagination can be used to create anything. The dark uses this ability to their own ends.

To deal with fear at a global level requires that you deal with it at a personal level first. You need to understand your own fears, to recognise and deal with them before you can become part of the whole and deal with them there. You change it at the level of consciousness. When you act without fear it is very powerful and your action is much larger than you as an individual because you are aligned with Love – all of creation.

Acknowledging a fear goes a long way to removing it. We often deny fear even to ourselves and that too is part of our programming. You can’t deal with it until you acknowledge it. The British stiff upper lip crap that was pedalled in the Victorian era was designed to make people ignore their emotions. The emotional body is critical to understanding fear.

Dark beings don’t have one. Dark minions usually have their emotional body destroyed by trauma often when very young. They are ruled by fear and use it to control others. The trigger can be mental, emotional or physical. All fears trigger the emotional body which in turn can generates symptoms in the physical body. You feel frightened, shake, go white etc.

The understanding necessary to deal with all fear is the opposite Love. It transmutes it. My son loved playing about in the dark and his fear dissolved.

So how do we learn to love the things that frighten us?

First off you have to accept and acknowledge your fear – define it in detail. Often taking it apart will remove most of it. Think of it as standing up to a bully. Righteous anger is a powerful force when aroused. What are you frightened of? Take it on.

Fear generates inaction – we can freeze when frightened.
Action removes it. So we need to do something.
Face it. Put yourself in front of it, even go towards what frightens you.

You don’t need to put yourself in danger. If you are terrified of lions then make them familiar. Watch movies about them look at pictures of them, watch the lion whisperer.
You get the idea.
You don’t have to stand in front of a lion. Your intuition or your guides may help you by giving you a memory that caused the fear. You were killed by a lion – a justified fear but still a fear.

How many lions do you meet on a daily bases?
That is intended to be humorous but see how it made you feel. The imaginary lion lost his power over you, for a few seconds at least.

Our reaction to pain or trauma can be two fold. We cry or we laugh. They both do the same thing they release.

We have to release the fear. By letting go of the experience we dissolve it.
We don’t do that at a conscious level. That is hard work. Do it wholesale. Let go of all your fears in one go.

Do that now. Don’t think how just have the intention.

Anything left can be routed out and dealt with as it arises. Make it part of your awareness. Notice any fear. As you grow in Love they become very apparent. Focus and repeat as required.

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