Feeling Blue

As out environment clears there is every likelihood that you will start receiving more information about yourSelf. It percolates in and will probably be a surprise. It will be so familiar that you will wonder why you hadn’t come across it before. It happened for me as a very natural progression of what I was doing.

I was giving the entity some people call Yaldabaoth blue energy. I was pouring a narrow beam that looked like a bright laser of pale blue light straight into his eye. I never really question why these things happen I just find myself doing it, participating, witnessing, it’s hard to say. The experience comes and I go with it.

Yaldabaoth is a very large and powerful being, is a plasma octopus entity. We each had a fractal bit of him implanted when we incarnate here. He is the control system – what some people call the veil. I had the experience of meeting him eye to eye quite a few years ago. I had just had the implant removed. I wondered at the time what the significance was.

He seemed to recognise me, we must have some kind of connection. He certainly saw me and his gaze can’t be ignored. Eye gazing with an octopus nearly the size of the solar system is rather a different experience. As galactic octopuses go he’s fairly large, completely fractal and very black. Well he was, he’s fading now.

Anyway I don’t usually work with the blue ray or rather I haven’t before. It was very pale blue almost powder blue not quite cyan but in that direction and very vibrant. Just out of curiosity I thought I would look it up to see what it does. All the Rays of Energy have a purpose. As I say it was not something I had investigated before.

Well in this process of my research I came across the Blue Ray Star Beings. The definition of them certainly ticks all my boxes. The very detailed description was exactly me, not just a bit but a perfect fit. I felt a remembering and my third eye opened very wide in rather an unusual way, almost like a square box unfolding.

I’m not into the dreary new age rubbish about psychic children. Indigos and all that. Like most things new age it is old now and has been over emphasised and become rather distorted. Unlike the late sixties and early seventies which was a big surprise to the ruling elite, the eighties and nineties wasn’t a very clear period, it was more of a battle field. There is probably a kernel of truth in there somewhere but I’ve never found it. I have met lots of gifted people, they don’t really need classifying. Which is why it was such an odd experience to read something that clearly defined me.

Knowing that predates the turmoil of the new age is quite succinct. More recent stuff is hard to find and is mostly made up wishful thinking. Our link has grown inside not outside and we don’t usually get clear information externally any more. I have never met anyone who is the least bit like me in my sixty five years. That is until recently when I met someone who is very like me, younger but definitely from my soul group and shares my abilities. The recognition was instant. That is also a natural turn of events. Expect to be in the right place at the right time for many things. It will rock your socks off.

Speaking of which I am busy exploring new abilities. Blue Ray Star Beings can do many things, latent telekinesis is common. At the moment I am experimenting trying to move my socks. They’re light and I seldom wear them and it seemed as good a place as any to start.

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