Find who you are

Sitting in silence – expecting nothing.

We carry a lot of baggage.

Everything you need is provided you can let it all go.

When you discover your truth – who you are – you don’t need anything you can let it all go.

If you are not happy for any reason, let that go.

If someone has let you down; you expected something from them. Let that go.

You may be feeling uncomfortable; you have created this. Take responsibility for it and then let it go.

It isn’t difficult. I will get to a method.

If you are ill that doesn’t matter you can let that go too. Your body knows how to heal itself. Don’t get in the way.

We are being renewed and don’t need the past and the future hasn’t happened …

We can bask in the now. Let go of everything – responsibility, expectation, worry who you have been. All your joys and triumphs. None of this matters but…

This only works when you are: That perfect being of love who we all are.

How do you find it?

Finding this self under the layers of delusion required perseverance you had to let go of your ideas, your prejudices, your desires everything, all that you think you know. It used to take many lifetimes, it used to be difficult.

It isn’t.

These are all just thoughts – excuses.

I will let you into a secret – you don’t have to do anything. It is who you are.

You only have to let go of the things that are important, the things that you care for, the essential you. That is your delusion. Throw it away and go Ah!

Underneath all this non sense is a shining star – you only need to get rid of the wrappings that hide it.

You don’t need instruction, you don’t need a teacher, you only need a reminder. It’s happening anyway. The wrappings are falling away. You can make that happen more quickly just by having that desire.

Go into silence and when you feel anything give it away. Let it go. It is actually easy and painless. Feel what it is, no matter how it consumes you and give it away. Shrug it off.

True non attachment – Bliss.

This post may need a little explanation.

You cannot give away or let go of your Self. That isn’t possible or the objective. What we tend to do is identify ourselves with how we think, our achievements or lack of them, our hurts and our losses. We may consider ourselves as an expert at something. We hold onto these things.

None of these things are you. It is like identifying yourself with how you look. That changes constantly but who you are is always the same. That doesn’t mean we don’t grow. We do that all the time but who we are is not our delusion; that we live only in 3D. This is only a very small part of what we do. Every time you go to sleep or are dreaming you are somewhere else. Most people are unaware of these experiences, that doesn’t mean we don’t still exist. There are many layers to creation and we can travel to many of them. For a while our awareness has been limited. It doesn’t have to be. We have the ability to change this consciously.

When you are just your true Self you are no longer limited and have enormous power. You can effect anything around you. We all have that potential but at the moment this is hidden. This post intends to guide you there.

i am only just finding my way, this is my journey too.

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