Finding your Self

We tend to look outside ourselves when we search for the truth, it is natural development of how we experience this world.

We learn here from sensory input and from other people. Somebody else must know more than we do. It is how we are taught. The mundane lessons we learn at school only teach part of the story, we aren’t taught who we are and as we waken we reach for more.

We are attracted to belief systems; be they religions, lifestyles, ancient wisdoms, a way. There are plenty of people who will tell you they have the answers you seek. It is easy to become a follower. We have a need to be part of something.

That is the illusion. The Maya we live in. We already are part of the whole. When you discover your true nature everything you need is within. You have fantastic abilities you only need tap into them. That is the journey.

Yes you may say but that is not my experience. I do yoga, I am learning to be a shaman, a Buddhist, I have a teacher, a guru a wise man. They teach me everything. They give me these fabulous experiences.

Actually they don’t. They can’t teach you anything they can only point you in the right direction. Anyone with any wisdom points you back at your Self. Their techniques are all designed to take you within, to help you to discover your true identity. Part of that journey is taking on that responsibility yourself. When you let go of their support that is when you learn to fly. If you hold on to them you are supported but will never experience that rush.

Letting go is very scary and at first you may fall – but when your wings open.…

At first it isn’t easy to be totally responsible for your own well being but you have help. You are guided even if you aren’t aware of it. You are never alone. That your help is not apparent doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We are all nurtured and cared for all of the time. The one that cares for you most is you, your highest self. They are always part of you. Like a toddler who has just learned to walk we don’t know our parent is right behind us and will rescue us if we fall.

We are all Divine beings or we wouldn’t be here. To find this is easy we look inside and there you are.

The directions we look defines us. Are we looking towards the light or the dark? We can turn around at any time, that is what free will is about. At this point in time we are nearing the end of this journey and are closer than ever before. You wont know that if you don’t look.

How I can almost here you yelling.

It’s easy, just have the desire to find your self, feel it very strongly then let it go…. you can do that now just close your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Finding your Self”

  1. Well written, Rayman Another way of seeing that’s been helpful for me is “Karpman’s Drama Triangle”…we humans have a tendency to fall into one of the roles of victim, hero, or villain. As long as I blame something on the “outside” for my “problems” (victim) I don’t take responsibility for what I’m creating. Stepping into the center of the triangle, in presence, shifts everything. In presence I can see the roles I’ve given myself and consciously choose what I create. Hope to re-connect in person with you and Coletta again soon ❤️

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