First steps

We are all entering a new place, we go forwards day by day but it can be confusing. Reality is flexible.

What ever you do is a journey. You may have talent, opportunities, a gift but that doesn’t make the journey any easier. To be a success requires focus and perseverance. Nothing worthwhile up until now has been easy.

To be a great musician required talent, many hours of practice, rehearsals and plenty of bum gigs. That is how the old world worked. To be a successful person was much the same. Success is when doing your thing becomes second nature but that isn’t always easy. It could be a struggle. Eventually if you were any good and kept going you made something of yourself. When you reached the top that’s when the really hard part hit, you discover that you couldn’t win. Once you make it that’s when you pay the price. You join the opposition or they take you out and steal your winnings.

My own journey has been incredibly hard. I reached the top but chose to walk away. It has been very difficult but people don’t see that, they see only what I have achieved. Even that is relative. In most peoples opinion I have nothing. I know I have myself.

Once you have made the decision to be yourself it becomes obvious what to do but that won’t make it any easier. To be yourself is effortless until you are opposed. You start to question everything until you get used to it. But things have changed. Our best interest is to step back, not participate, to be self contained and spread harmony and love, not to become embroiled in the break up of what has been. That is a choice. We all make many choices every day.

As I was writing this I noticed a chem trail being spread in the sky over the mountains. I was just reading yesterday that all this crap has stopped. I frowned inwardly, I let it go. I just looked up again and its gone, completely disappeared. We are being taken care of. The past can’t touch us.

In my last post I mentioned that I spoke to a tree and he told me I already had the healing that I needed. His information was quite correct but hard to see because I was on a different timeline. Time can be tricky.

When in town the other day I happened to meet a friend who is a healer and he diagnosed the problem. It was a heavy metal that needed removing. He did his thing and even before I was home I felt better. That is not physically possible but his treatment and focus had put me back on a more favourable timeline.

The timelines are all merging to a good one but you can be pushed off it to a branch which is less favourable. You wont stay there but the dark tries to keep you on it as long as possible. It happens if you are a strong light worker and can make life difficult. Such is their intention but they are failing. That is probably what happened to the chem trail.

Such phenomena are not always obvious. I was playing in my studio the other day. I have lots of new gear and was trying to figure out how to work it. I connected something that links that particular bit of equipment to its website to check for an upgrade but the rest of the gear didn’t like the cable and made a fizzing noise then stopped working. I unplugged the cable but nothing I did would turn things back on.

‘Oh shit,’ but I decided no I wasn’t going to worry and turned it all off and went for a walk. When I came back I turned it all on again and it worked perfectly. We have that power now. We don’t have to go the old route of constant disasters. We create the world with our intention. I’m not special, I’m just being me, you can do anything I do just by being you.

P.S. I’d just posted this and happened to look out my window and saw a much fatter more hideous chem trail. Wide as they get right over me. I dismissed it and didn’t think anything about it. I went outside to do some gardening and it was gone by the time I got there. No trace at all.

It’s happened three times now. Once might be a coincidence, two is a trend, three is definitely mysterious.

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