Floating in Light

It was fairly warm today, approaching 30 C which is 85 F.  The sky was bright blue and there was a slight breeze – very nearly perfect. The sun was powerful and I felt a strong need to go to the beach and swim – so I went.

The sea here is blue perhaps turquoise, you probably get the picture but here is one in case you don’t. New Zealand at this time of year is very crowded. There was someone else swimming way down at the other end of the beach.

When I am immersed in water like this I can feel Mother Earth very clearly. I floated on my back head fully under the water and I asked her how she was. She ignored that but told me she had a message for me from the Sun. I think she had been waiting for me to swim until she gave it.

I tried to contact our Sun quite a while ago, actually about three years or more but couldn’t feel anything so this was a very nice surprise. We are a long way away but my reaching out was felt.

The message was that the Sun is beyond gender which was an answer to my thoughts rather a specific question. I didn’t have one at the time, just wanted to connect. Now isn’t that interesting. We humans tend to anthropomorphize at least native peoples do. I’ve heard the father sun, sister moon dogma, which in New Zealand is the other way around. People talk about this as their “tradition” and often wondered, it never felt right. A lot of what people teach is…. perhaps wishful thinking, added dogma or simply forgotten.

Gaia is definitely feminine but I had been unsure how to refer to the Sun and this was my answer. The message had emoticons in it and I felt suddenly completely connected with the Sun.

Oh Boy! I went up a whole another level. We have a lot to learn about celestial beings. Our values and references are simply not appropriate. We need a new set of words. Mind you words don’t seem appropriate at all. I have experienced several higher beings and I guess I could paint what I saw or attempt too but that would probably fall way short.

The experience was like floating in light. I felt lines of energy connecting me to the Sun. It was very supportive and gentle but powerful at the same time and very bright. We were one or rather I was my small bit in a larger whole. A truly incredible experience. I’m still amazed. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just sharing what I felt.

So I go on day by day and the mysteries slowly dissolves. Anything we want to know is there; we only have to reach out and grasp it. The sun is a portal too, to higher levels of density. I am researching this but as far as I can tell the sun only goes up in relation to here, 3D density. I am interested in how that works.

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