Flying saucers in the lounge

Have you ever had the experience of putting something down, like your car keys or your glasses, and then when you come back to get them they are not where you absolutely know you put them. This may be because you have jumped or been bumped onto another timeline where you put them somewhere else.

You create a new timeline every time you made a decision. You also made an alternative timeline on which your choice was the exact opposite. Millions of threads that are twisting around in the flow of the main time stream that is our collective consciousness. Like the droplets in a river some flow this way around a rock perhaps and others flow the other way. The main river flows has its own direction too…

These threads of time can be manipulated. If you can look further along the time stream and see that someone is going to cause a problem, then maybe you would do something about it. Perhaps you would slip back a hundred years or so and change a minute detail so that the problem goes away. It would ripple across lots of timelines not just the one that was targeted. If you are even close to someone who was ‘in the way’ you would be effected. These ripples are what causes things to disappear but have you noticed this happen much lately?
No – that’s because these ripples have more or less stopped.

It was something that the old order had been doing. They had technology and people with the skill to spot trouble makers, like me for example. They can still see backwards but only a very short way forwards. They are more or less blind now because they can’t see into the future beyond a certain event, one that is about to happen very soon. It will put them out of business altogether.

Timelines are no longer a big problem. I am still alive partly because the powers that were or rather their masters still needed me to do something.

I have been able to travel and manipulate time, move across the timelines – it is complicated because it no longer happened. Yes I know that makes no sense but that is only a mental problem not the reality. Time is a complex fabrication.

I first became aware that we kept being pushed off the comfortable timeline we were on about five years ago. I noticed because it, our reality, didn’t feel right. I kept looking until I found out what was wrong. As usual I cognised it and the information came in all at once that we were on the wrong timeline. Once I had it figured out I then felt that yes I could do something about it. I just willed us to the correct timeline and it happened.

Whenever life became harsh it was usually a timeline problem. It was easy for me to fix. I just needed to remain alert and notice that things weren’t going right. I used to enjoy undoing a timeline switch. It must have taken a very long time to organise but in a heartbeat I could jump us back to our appropriate timeline. It got so that I could spot any deviation very quickly. The powers that were were very persistent but gave up eventually. However they had one very nasty trick in store.

There is only one timeline now. Divine intervention has created a single main thread which is leading us all in the same direction. it still has a few branches and it can appear that you are off it but they all lead back to the main timeline eventually. Our decisions, no matter what they are, will always take us to the same place. The right place for us.

This story is about my last encounter with timeline interference. 
A year or so ago a good friend who is a healer told us that he was working with someone who was awake and aware and was interested in meeting us. We met and it became obvious that there was some serious work to be done. This person was very uptight, defensive and insecure. She was in an uncomfortable marriage but was not able to find the energy to leave it. She rejected all and any guidance. She knew better, she also had a very bad poor me attitude. She was also ill and a bit of a mess. Our friend had been trying to help her but was running out of ideas.

She came to a few of our group meditations and dropped by to see us occasionally. She found me extremely annoying. I can be a very difficult person. I can see through most self deceptions and can be counted on to point it out if asked. I only do it on request and to assists but most people don’t like it. She didn’t enjoy our exchanges but was still drawn to us for some reason. She was perceptive and could sense our abilities but didn’t want our suggestions or directions. She only wanted us to acknowledge her for who she thought she was. We didn’t.

She was convinced that she was was the lady Guinevere from Arthurian legend in a previous lifetime. She was busy looking for her Lancelot. She didn’t like King Arthur which tipped me off that something was a bit wrong. I did not tell her but when I put my attention on her I cognized that she had actually been Mordred, Arthur’s son, the one that killed him. He was a bit of spoilt brat used to getting his own way but also somewhat steeped in the dark. She carried a very dark energy with her that wanted her to do something and it was this part of her  that was reacting to me.

On one visit she started to become angry with me because she didn’t like what I was saying. I was getting under her skin. I was quite calm and can normally deal with that sort of situation without any effort. It is of no consequence to me how someone else sees themselves. I was sitting quite calmly when all of a sudden a huge emotion poured through me. I started to shout at her blasting her with the power of my voice. It was completely unexpected. I just went with it. What else can you do?

I have a very loud voice when I want and used it. I soon had her in tears. An enormous energy poured through me straight to the core of her Being. It was very unpleasant but I didn’t try to stop it. I felt something, a small gold object, fly out of her hit and lodge in my foot.

Eventually she left after hugs more tears etc. It was a bit unsettling to us but we have learned to go with whatever…

Since then she has transformed. The taint of dark has completely gone. She is now very positive, left her husband, is much better physically and busy manifesting everything that she needs. She keeps away from me and I don’t blame her. It must have been an uncomfortable experience.

What happened took a while to sort out. At the height of my emotional outburst I triggered something, a booby trap that had been hidden in her. It was very multi level but something energetic hit and lodged in my foot. It created a link back to the time of Atlantis just before it was destroyed. We had both been there.

The continent of Atlantis sank because it was hit my one of our moons. The moon crash was actually intended for a large dissident group in Europe who were at odds with the powers in Atlantis. Perhaps someone changed the coordinates and it ended up landing on Atlantis.

I wonder who that was, although I have a strong suspicion.

When I put my attention on it I became aware of a huge ceremony involving thousands of people. It was taking place in Atlantis at a large pyramid. The pyramid was almost glowing blue and the people around it were chanting. This ceremony had opened a portal to the me in this now using my ability to reach across time. The booby trap had travelled down the centuries in this women probably through many life times. I triggered it with my emotional outburst.

Those controlling the end of Atlantis were trying to use the energy of this now to split the timeline. They knew that Atlantis was destroyed because they had looked forwards and seen it. Whoever arranged the destruction had managed to hide what was going to happen until it was too late for them to do anything about it. Their only hope was to create a new timeline in which Atlantis wasn’t destroyed. If they had succeeded the ripples from it would have caused a huge catastrophe here in our Now.

I called in the time cops. Don’t ask! I just did it.
 I didn’t even know there were time cops but apparently there really are beings who sort out these kind of anomalies. The knowledge was hidden deep inside me.

About five flying saucers just appeared in our living room. They were odd looking things, a large metallic wheel with large nubs on the exterior of the circle and nothing in the centre. These big circular discs somehow compressed to fit mostly into the room but part in another dimension. I could feel the energy of them and wouldn’t have liked to be on the receiving end of what they could do. It was all very impressive. They hovered seeming to be getting their bearings then flew straight into the open portal. Arch Angel Michael followed them with his huge flaming sword held aloft. I would certainly not have wanted to be on the receiving end of that. The portal closed and that was that.

My life has been like that – you get used to the most bizarre experiences.

My foot hurt and by the next day I could no longer stand. I was unable to walk for six weeks and it took everything my partner and I both had to repair the damage. The thing lodged in my foot attacked my DNA. It was energetic rather than physical and although I could keep the damage restricted to my foot I couldn’t get rid of it. I was more or less comatose by the end but my partner managed to get rid of it. She worked on it for a whole night. She is a powerful being but it was rather painful there for a while.

The legend of King Arthur kind of follows me around. If you have read some of my other posts you will notice Arthurian legends keep cropping up. I have interacted with Merlin occasionally, he spoke to the group I was involved with at the water mill. He was a real person.

King Arthur was in Atlantis and at one other important period not so long ago. In that incarnation he was known as John F Kennedy. Like many other great leaders he’s back.

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