Full speed ahead

I wouldn’t want to live in America even when it’s been restored to what it was intended to be by the founding fathers. We each gravitate to the place that is just right for us.

The American constitution was created in the late seventeen hundreds. It was a positive vision but was one very much of it’s time. The people were oppressed by the same people we are and they tried to counter that. Bringing it back is a definitely a good start. Personally I don’t think they went nearly far enough, we can do much better than that now.

All countries have been subject to intense indoctrination and our views have become distorted. Removing that oppression is only the first of many steps. Very little of what we are told is of any value. We are evolving and can discard our restrictions because nothing is time related. We arrive at our perfect time. That is very flexible.

Every nation is like an individual. To look at just one country is a very limited perspective. We need to be looking at the entire human collective. We need to be inclusive. None is better or worse than any other, each one has a unique flavour. We need to blend them together. We will all get there.

We don’t need weapons, such fear based technology is of duality, fear is of the past. To be brave we need to go beyond such foolish things. Together we have enormous power.

I have been hearing that things are moving too slowly. The people who say this quote the hazards of warfare that are happening all around us. We can remove them effortlessly with the right impulse. The changes that are coming are coming but the speed is irrelevant. Time is an illusion – we can change the pace as we like.

We can all reach out in our own way and light up the dark. That is all that is necessary. We can do that gradually as some people prefer or we can light up like a nova. Being who we really are will accelerate the changes. People are able to keep up. It is one of the advantages of being human, we adapt. Our collective awareness is very flexible.

We have powers we haven’t acknowledged or tapped. Perhaps I should say you rather than we because I do. I just did. I’ve found some of mine even if I don’t know what they are. i can still use them, understanding may come eventually. I’m not special we each have amazing abilities inside us. You only need look and be open to anything. They are there for you to use. The brighter you are the more influence you have. Go ahead as fast as you like. The collective will adjust, it has to.

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  1. This blog is deep for me … I am still digesting it. For some reason it is reminding me of the book, “Be Here Now” … how that book blew my mind and expanded my world. I enjoy replying to your blog Ray … let me know if I am being a bother. Your site seems to act as a portal for me — into my higher self, and I have been away for far too too long .. it seems. Thanks Ray!

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