Getting Rid

Am I insensitive if I say I always thought Leonard Cohen’s music was rather depressing. I thought so in the sixties and although I can appreciate others may like the feeling, I have never really changed my opinion. Most of the musical leaders of that era are dead. They did their thing very well. Well maybe not Bob Dillon but he’s what, seventy five? He may write something new, he did sometimes come up with interesting lyrics even if he had a horrible voice.

Am I being irreverent?

We get stuck in the past so easily. It’s called sentiment. Fortunately I don’t suffer from that. Things change and we move on. I don’t need old music or opinion to remind me who I am.

At almost sixty five I’m not that old but old enough to have found my way a little. I see tattooed and deadlocked youngsters who can juggle – very impressive. They stick bits of metal in their bodies and do acrobatic yoga. Some even make music and they are infinity wise as they travel. They live in a tribe but then nearly every generation does. That togetherness is an important part of growing up. How then are they any different? I suppose because they have technology which we didn’t. We just lived in the woods but if I was young now I would be doing exactly the same and probably be making the same mistakes.

So am I inspiring you? I doubt it but this is how most people behave? We all have opinions and tastes. My comments may have fired you up. Are you feeling emotive? If so good. All I really require is your attention.

Even if we don’t say it we judge others and have preferences that are not necessarily acceptable. They aren’t really very important. We can learn to be positive and agreeable. Some people go further and create a delusional world that is uplifting and kind. They wont see anything else. That doesn’t mean they or their world has changed. We can sometimes fool ourselves. If you haven’t grown, haven’t changed then you will still face all the same problems – challenges if you like. No matter what you call them you will still get left behind until you have dealt with what ever it is. The easiest way to do that is to drop them and leave them behind. You don’t need to carry them around.

In order to change, you have to change, to do that you have to be willing to change. You can’t take the old you with you. You have to leave that part of you behind. All your old hurts and achievements. That is equally important if you are an expert, an authority on anything. Our learning is temporary at best and will probably have little relevance in our futures. Everything we know is going to change.

To give you an example: Anything food orientated; nutrition, cooking or not cooking, even growing food will be of the past. At the moment food has a very different focus and is one of the things that is poisoning us. It will all go out the window when everything you eat is replicated and is totally wholesome and good for you. You will be able to eat what you like.

We value our learning, our experience and that is relevant but may only be relevant for a rather short time. It puts a few ideologies into perspective when you know what is coming next. We will be learning plenty of new things. There will people to assist and remind us who we are. If you reorient your thinking now you can head off in a new direction that may be much more fun.

Who we are is and always will be important. Our natural behaviour is everything. You cannot be compassionate if you aren’t, you cannot be wise. You can’t force or fake it. If you aren’t comfortable with your self, you aren’t but you can easily let that go.

You are not responsible for anyone except yourself – even if you have children. That is a different role – you are a carer and a guide. How they behave can be managed but ultimately you will let them go; to be who they are. They have that responsibility right from the start, we shouldn’t impose our will to change them. Most of the young ones are wiser than we are but perhaps not so brave. We came in when it was still dangerous to be who we are..

Because we are fearless we can do anything – even let go of who we think we are. You can’t let go of your real Self that is impossible but you can let go of everything else, everything else is an illusion. When you don’t need money is doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or poor. The values we have now are only that.

This may appear a peculiar post but I am leading somewhere. I have discovered the separation between me and everything else. I am slowly discarding all that is in the way, everything that isn’t useful which means practically everything.

Anything that gets in the way.

I do it very consciously. Even music which has been one of my central foci has little relevance. Most if not nearly all of it is harmful in some way. Silence doesn’t hurt. When I notice anything I don’t need, usually in meditation, I simply let it go. You can do that verbally or sub verbally what ever feels comfortable to you. It needs to be your decision – you have free will. The result can be quite unbelievable.

I first did it to somebody else. He was dying of prostrate cancer and had just be diagnosed with the disease. His computer had been infected with a nasty virus and he asked me to look at it. I noticed he was very upset and probed until he told me of his suffering. I made up a process for him on the spot which enabled him to give all his fears and worries away. He was an amazing person and did exactly as I asked. He went through each anxiety and fear and gave them away. With eyes closed he listed each one to himself then let them go. When his wife saw him afterwards she couldn’t believe he was the same person. He was in a state of grace. I was very impressed. The reason it worked was because he believed it. He didn’t question. He was also desperate and in a place where it wasn’t possible to do anything else. We can all learn from that.

On a physical level we have created our illnesses and you can let them all go no matter how bad they are. External influences don’t matter, we are the ones who have responded to them. It may appear impossible but we can do anything. Drop them and they are gone.

On a mental level we have created our fears and worries. You can let them all go. The harmful things projected upon us only work if you let them.

Emotionally we can let go of anything that is uncomfortable that impinges on how we feel. We are only love. Nothing else is real. You can have any focus you like.

What you have left gets bigger not smaller as the garbage gets replaced by higher aspects of yourSelf. You can call them in and the barriers disappear. That is a revelation in itself, is a journey, one well worth taking. The fun part is that this is where we are all going anyway.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid

  1. Isn’t it all about expectations Ray? Also, as you say, attachments to things and outmoded ideas, especially those about myself. Letting go is a wonderful practice especially as one nears the end of life, as you describe, but also as a moment by moment practice. If I can paraphrase Leonard Cohen, these are the ways the Light (of the Self) enters.

    1. You can let go of expectation too – it is of the present moment. We are all changing very fast and it is useful to understand this rapid evolution has been planned, is part of a complex process and we have been given a bit of a road map. There are shortcuts. I am questioning everything not just our outmoded ideas. We are being renewed and can participate actively or passively. We speed it up by being active, moment by moment yes but also in a focused process. It is no coincidence that three score years and ten is the length attributed to galactic childhood. We are at the beginning not the end.

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