Giving is Recieving

I like to write and do so just because… for no real reason. It’s fun for me.

Each one of us has knowledge which is unique to our experiences and of value not in a financial respect but in the true meaning of the words ‘of worth‘. The more that we freely share the more we receive. It is a very simple cycle.

Share your words here, as I do and you do so with many people. The blessings showered upon me have repaid the effort very many times more than the work involved in writing them. This is a simple example but it works for everything.

Your worth is what you most love to do. It is what you know most about. It is part of who you are. Each one of us is worthy…
Let’s leave the old paradigm behind and venture into the new one. Try it for yourself. Share your worth freely and without any expectation.
Expectation always leads to disappointment – it is the trap we have all been caught up in.

The financial system imposed on us contracts our worth by labelling it as a commodity. We have been taught that if you don’t receive money in return then your worth has no real value.
It takes away.

Having no expectation means doing it just for the fun of it.
Giving freely expands your gift to its true value which is priceless.

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