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In my last post I was looking at our state of Being – the rise of the new energy of the Divine Feminine. Assimilating this new energy is very important – it is how we link to Source but what is Source?

The Source of All; the potential of anything; our true nature. We are all Divine. We are pure Love – Beings of Light. We radiate love into the physical and this manifests as Light. Our existence was intended to be wonderful; an inspirational journey to higher realms and awareness. However we are on a planet controlled and subjugated by the Dark. It is the last one to be cleared and when cleared it will change our entire galaxy.

The Dark have removed all their links to Source. That is an odd thing to do. It is an anomaly. It should not have happened but it did. What is happening is that Light is coming in and darkness is being removed. We Light Workers came here to assists and Light the way for others.

All the dark beings are trapped and slowly being removed. If they refuse to come over to the Light they are reprocessed and will have to start again – from nothing. Unfortunately we were trapped too and are victims of their malevolence. We are also held hostage although that situation is gradually changing. As you can imagine the Dark is desperate to prevent the change. It will be their undoing. They cannot stop it but they are slowing it down.

By embracing the Divine Feminine we enhance the Light that is manifest here and raise our own awareness, this helps our fellow sufferers. It is a journey everyone will make. We can speed it up. On our own that can be dangerous as I have discovered many times over the last forty years. If you shine too brightly the Dark tried to put out your light. That can be uncomfortable to say the least, I am somewhat battered. Shining all together is much safer and more powerful.

How do we do that?

By joining in, by coming together. That can be tricky if you live in isolation like me but you can join global group meditations. There are plenty of them, just use that for a search. You will get hundreds of results. Find one that resonates with you. Speak openly about what is going on. Don’t focus on the Dark stuff, there are plenty of people doing that. They argue and bicker about what has been going on. That doesn’t help

Focus on the new and what is happening now. The more that do this the quicker the Light takes hold and the Dark stuff will dissolve away. You may feel a desire within you, a joy you need to fulfill; embrace it no matter how big or small. Every action helps and is of infinite value.

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