Green Abundance

Nature is prolific and shares her bounty without restrictions. Those of us who care about our planet have no reason to do otherwise.

I realised recently how cleverly and subtly, those of us who have adopted green thinking, have manipulated ourselves into adopting fairly restrictive practices. They are hard work and reduce the quality of life. Their motivation is faultless but the implementation of a totally green lifestyle confines you within rather rigid boundaries. It doesn’t have to be like that at all.

I know there will be those who immediately disagree with my statement but think about how you operate. You may well be used to the way you live but in order for everyone else to join you; which I am sure is what you want, it has to be easy and effortless. It just needs a little creativity.

I thought to address this but also wanted to bring it to your awareness. Let’s look at a general principle to see how easy it might be.

Humans are all different. There are very many types, different ethnicities, languages, skin colours, beliefs, the list is endless, but we all have one thing in common. Love is our essential nature and is the cohesive force that binds us all together. It can override all differences and has no boundaries, there is no defence against it and it breaks down all barriers.

Now you can’t really ague with that statement but what I want you to notice is that division is the problem. This applies to almost everything.

Every aspect of nature is harmonious within itself and with all around it. Nature doesn’t have a problem. It is not divisive. Left alone it corrects all imbalance given time. How long it takes depends on the severity of the imbalance. We can assist nature to restore the balance by working with her. That is a fairly simple ideology.

Looking at the problem as simplistically as I can, all pollution is caused by division, by changing the natural state – refining naturally occurring substances and dividing them into their constituent parts. Equally simplistically restoring the balance only requires that we recombine them. Every specific contaminant can be looked at in this way.

How then do we introduce Love to our planet and her wonderful eco systems that does this most effortlessly and easily.

Now the most abundant substance on our planet and what we are mostly made of is water. Water has many contaminants which all kill its creativity but none do that irretrievably.

Water is the probably the most fascinating thing on our planet. It has far more to it than is immediately apparent. The work of people like Masaru Emoto has shown that human consciousness can have an effect on the molecular structure of water. Water can carry intelligence.

Water can carry intelligence, that is monumental.
What about giving it infinite intelligence? That would solve a few problems.

We each of have access to infinite intelligence, to the Source of all that Is and Emotu has proven that we can all influence water. You should be seeing were I am going with this.
Well yes. Big Smile….

We each of us individually have access to the solutions to all problems. We only have to apply a little ingenuity and adjust our thinking a bit.

This is only one project which has probably been delayed or suppressed. It is fifteen years old but have a look at this anyway it will give you an idea of what water can do.

Any of you who have an intimate relationship with the Divine can do something quite monumental.
Just use Drumvalo’s example as your inspiration.

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