Hack attacks

My site is regularly attacked. I wonder why? It’s not really an important source of information. I share anything I feel like in my own peculiar way but I’m just a writer, not famous or influential.

I am writing a blog post about it because it is what I am dealing with at the moment but it is useful to know what we are up against.

I have some good software protection which monitors all activity on my sites. To give you an idea of what an attack is like here is a graph showing the latest. They happen regularly.You can see the normal activity in the first and end parts of the graph. The red line is the number of individuals and the blue is the number of hits they make. As you can see there is something going on all the time but they attack hard sometimes. It happens every other day for some reason. There can be as many as a fifteen hundred hits a day even though I limit anyone who performs suspicious activity to only three attempts. They do this all the time not just in a concerted attack. It is still going on now. Here is another on one of my other sites. Not so bad on this one but it is a new site I just built. It isn’t even live yet.

This is what I see reported and these ones are all bots. Synthetic programs that snoop mainly looking for shops or a way to send out spam.

I log their IP addresses and they are black listed automatically on their third attempt. You can see they only get to use the same IP address twice. Black listing them blocks them completely from even seeing the website. In this particular attack I recorded over 1500 attempts to break in. They change their location too fast to be real. It is more likely that someone is falsifying their IP address to make it look like they are a different person using software to do that.

They try to take over my user account using what is called a brute force attack. They want to find the user name and password. Most people aren’t good at security and use the default username which is “Admin” or sometimes they use their own name. That makes it easier for the hackers because they only need to get your password and do it using an intelligent program that tries many very fast. Black listing them stops them dead but they keep going by changing their IP address.

They try all sorts but are mostly automated bots that masquerade as search engine spiders. Sometimes they try to put software onto my server by targeting specific folders. They identify the software I am using and know how the folders are set up. They write a script that pretends to be an update to a plugin, software written by a third party, not the main software which is more secure being open source. Once in they could take over the site to do what they like. I am savvy enough that they cant do that. Anything that gets altered gets deleted and replaced by the original software. These attacks aren’t some kid in his bedroom or an eastern block person making money, this is the control system protecting itself most likely an AI. It is very organised and systematic. It never ever stops.

It’s my hassle not yours, I am only sharing this to give you an idea what ordinary people are up against. There is a concerted effort to take down or damage any site that isn’t in tune with the mainstream. They probably target specific words of phrases. I happen to be fairly computer literate and worked as a web designer since the internet first began. I am not cutting edge any more but understand the game. If I wasn’t my site would be down more or less all the time.

They do find ways in occasionally but I plug those holes as they happen. I can rebuild the entire site with a single button click. It isn’t a big hassle but what a waste of time.

My server company are very good and have very good protection. They kick off any site that gets infected with anything really nasty. That can sometimes be done on purpose in order to infect all the sites on the same server or group of servers. They buy an account and contaminate it. That is a cheap way of demolishing the opposition. Large companies like to do that to remove small time rivals. The internet is a very nasty place at the moment

All this nonsense is such a waste of time. The web is slowed down considerably by such activity. Spam still accounts for about sixty percent of emails. The clean up and spam filters only removed small time crooks. The cheap sales of nearly anything, big time scams, cheap viagra, porn and other garbage is still thriving everywhere. It gets threw my defences occasionally using my contact page. It shouldn’t be possible but it does recently as the war hots up. It gets kicked out by me, my final defence. The most vulnerable are the uninformed general public who don’t know how or what they are dealing with.

Once all this crap is stopped everything on the internet will suddenly be very much faster. I know from the high level programmers I used to work with that they could stop these hassles any time “they” liked. It is intentional. “They”, being the control system we live under, don’t want to stop it. We aren’t supposed to be able communicate quickly. It is why we have very slow computers. Our 64 bit marvels are prehistoric donkeys compared to what is really available.

The banks use much higher speed connections, much faster than ours, that’s simply to protect them. They throttle what we see. If we could interact very quickly it would be easy to steal money. Not that people don’t. I knew someone who was involved in bank security and his job was to catch them. He was dealing with multi millions that were occasionally syphoned off. It is hushed up when it happens. Banks have to appear invulnerable but they certainly aren’t.

In the early 2000’s my company was cutting edge and we were planning to write software in 256 bit for our military grade servers. We had three of them which we acquired through a back door. They weren’t particularly special but were unavailable to ordinary people. We got them because one of the people who was helping us did a favour for the military and that was how he was paid. That was nearly eighteen years ago. I have no idea what is available now.

We, the people, are way behind with technology we all know that. Our supposedly smart phones are highly corrupt and designed to impede, not help us. They capture our biometrics, let the control system know exactly where we are, listen in and look at what we are doing, damage the way our brain functions, they do all sorts of things which are against our interests and the law. Even with what we have, we can do very much better.

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