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I have been watching some alternative media about  our past and it puzzles me. History doesn’t make sense. Is it a weird interpretation or just disinformation.

People tend to approach the past using their heads, they try to understand it. It is what they have been taught, an objective approach. Science teaches this but it isn’t the only way. We have the ability to experience. I remember living in Atlantis very clearly. I don’t need to believe in it because I know I was there. I can describe it in great detail. Atlantis had a very different social structure to anything we have now. We are told this is very unreliable and not a proven method but I assure that it is. We are far more than just our brain. It is a useful tool but not the only way to obtain information. We have many other senses, far more than the beings who try to control us. It is only a question of forgetting what you think you know and trusting your whole being.

I have discovered many interesting things as I have wandered around the world. Pyramids are everywhere but aren’t always recognised as such. Here’s are couple that you may not be aware of. This is Glastonbury Tor

The building on the top is a folly built relatively recently but the Tor itself has a pyramid beneath it and is very ancient. From this angle it is easier to see the possibility. I have met the guardian but he inhabits a higher density so unless you are invited you wont get in, you would need to be in your astral body to do that. My experience might be dismisses as imagination but I have been taught not to doubt my experiences. I interacted with this being. I have clear recollections of the place and could easily describe it.

Bell Rock

Here is another pyramid in Arizona. It is very high tech inside and is a control centre. An English women who was there at the same time as me told me about it and I remote viewed it. I saw it very clearly. This is a place where the Galatics and the Agarthans interact and monitor us. They aren’t 3D either but neither are you, at least not all of you. Both places are known power centres.

There are pyramids all over the world. There are over 2000 pyramids in just China. Yes two thousand.

The world was divided into western and eastern block and that prevented us from sharing information. The usual divide and conquer scenario. Those times are past and we are catching up very fast. There are some very good researchers appearing from the eastern block.

The photo below is not very clear but was taken in the Ural mountains in Russia in an uninhabited area. It is an enormous pyramid made of black quartzite. Nobody has been able to get close to it. They are warned off by beings who appear even in daylight. It takes about a month to even get there and is very inaccessible. However there are pyramids and standing stones on every continent.

When I was in Africa I came across standing stones and stone circles. There is a good set of circles in Gambia at a place called Wassu. There are eight circles like the one shown below and very many standing stones.

Wassu, in Gambia, west Africa.

The local people have an aural tradition that says they were placed there not by man but by the gods. That’s interesting the gods?

Here’s a standing stone visited by the English dowser Hamish Miller. He traced energy points all over the world. This stone is in south island New Zealand not far from Motueka, actually not very far from where I live. It is quite a long hike up a mountain, in the middle of nowhere. Here is a video of Hamish talking about it.

Standing stone New Zealand

I visited this stone in the winter with the same people who went there with Hamish. They managed to arrange for the farmer to drive us up in his battered ute which you can see on the right in the background. I cognised that he is a splitter stone, one that splits a single energy line that comes out of the Kahurangy on the west coast, somewhat like a prism does with a laser. One ray shoots off in the direction of mount Taranaki which is a volcano, and the other goes towards the mountain range in the Tararua Forest both places are in the north island. The stone was quite chatty and a very happy fellow. Hamish thinks he has been there for six or seven thousand years. It must have been thick forest on the lower slopes and rather inaccessible. I’m pretty sure nobody would want to live up there, so who put him there? My research is getting there and I think I understand  but it is your responsibility to find this for yourself. I can only point you in what I think is the right direction.

There are many stone circles here in New Zealand, some have carvings on them similar to the ones found in Ireland. There are also bones of small people about four feet or so high that are buried in caves. Aural tradition from the local Iwi, (Maori group) say they were shy, had blond hair and used magic. They lived in burrows with round entrances. Hobbits? These dwellings are still there, hundreds of them, little homes set out in villages. Officially they are dismissed as storage places.

DNA samples from a tooth date them at 2000BC with a Celtic, Welsh heritage. There were also giants over eight feet tall, light skinned with red hair. They were put into burial caves after they died. In 1861 their bones, roughly 60,000 skeletons were taken away and ground up to be used as fertilizer. The settlers did some awful things. There are still some hidden away in the main museum in Wellington, buried underground and in missed caves. If you report finding bones they go to the local Iwi who destroy them. They aren’t their ancestors.

The Maori are a Polynesian nation and they officially arrived here about 700 years ago. The government refuses to acknowledge anything older. One of the other tribes called the Waitaha say they came here from Easter Island too but came here about 2000 years ago. There aren’t many left and they have integrated with the Maori but there are some still living here. There are very old walls made of many sided stones that fit together without any mortar, walls similar to those found in Peru and many other places. They date back thousands of years. There is an official ban to stop academics even talking about old artefacts. The hush order is for 70 years but why? I think I know. They are covering up our true past for a reason, we aren’t encouraged to see the peaceful global civilisation that was here long before us. The controllers want our history to be warlike and violent as they are.

New Zealand was officially discovered by a Dutch sailor Abel Tasman in 1642 but there are many wrecks on the beach hidden under the sands. One is a junk that is over 412 feet long and 180 feet wide. A sample of the wood carbon dated independently by three labs was found to be made of Chinese youmu wood and nearly 6000 years old, probably of the Hermudu people who date back roughly 7000 years. Not far away some young boys found packing cases unburied in the sand after a storm. They containing see through painted plates made of porcelain, from the description they were probably from the Ming dynasty which was 1368 – 1644.

There are cave paintings not far from the summit of the Weka Pass on the south side between Waipara and Hurunui townships in the south island. Officially they are said to have been be made by the Maori. The paintings are executed in kokowai (red ochre) mixed with bird fat. One painting is 15 feet long and 4 feet deep They are similar to the paintings found in Australia that were made by Aboriginals. Did they visit? Australia is about a thousand miles away. Similar paintings are also found in Brazil!

Just from these examples you can see there is a back story we don’t know yet. His story is flexible. Roman remains in Europe are OK but we are told the Romans were fairly nasty and not unlike those in power today. They may be fiction, there is no solid evidence to back up his story of the Roman empire. The so called Roman remains may have been constructed by an older, peaceful, global culture.

Ancient Celtic civilization is frowned upon and removed. Picts were a small tattooed people who were said to use magic. They were not called Picts, that is only the so called Roman name for them, they may have been the remnants of a very evolved race. They are considered Celts and the Romans more or less wiped them out or that is what we are taught. They used tattoos, like the people here in New Zealand.

Psychologically you may find my findings difficult to believe but anything over two or three hundred years old has been rewritten, the further back you go the less truth but what there is is mixed with made up stories. Rome was not necessarily the centre of a vast empire as we have been taught. There are more and larger ruins in Turkey. Rome only had a relatively small population and although a large city there is no evidence that it was the heart of an empire.

Older ruins, like those at Gobekli Tepi, have been literally covered up. Why was it buried. The people who went to so much trouble to build it wouldn’t have done that without a good reason. Its very unlikely that enough sand blown by the wind would have covered it so deeply. Today it is the oldest known structure on our planet. That may be a clue. Was it buried to prevent damage? Below is a very different view to conventional archaeology.

Dr. Semir Osmanagich the lecturer for this talk was the one who discovered and is exploring pyramids he found in Bosnia. His site is very interesting.

Samaria has its tablets but the translations I have seen appear rather one sided. I know someone who can read them and remembers a lifetime living there. He was classed as schizophrenic and was committed when he talked about being able to do this. He was given shock treatment and can barely function now, his brain and body was impaired, he lives off a disability allowance. He can still read the tablets but finds it difficult to translate them. He says it’s the feeling rather than the content he can’t explain. From what I can tell talking to him, the society then was more heartfelt than head orientated. Samaria is where we are told that money started and Cuneiform is as far back as writing goes – as far as we are able to go. Is that true?

I don’t care if you are writing a contemporary Tweet or scribing a Samarian tablet you are still restricted by your awareness. His story is a one sided view and lacks balance. Patriarchy, patriotism and all words like it have their route in the Latin word pater which means father. there is nothing wrong with masculine energy but it has been distorted to a chauvinistic and violent view, it lacks the balance of the feminine. That was what came in initially with the hippy movement of the sixties. Peace and love are feminine attributes even if his story has tried to distort it. We are now moving towards a peaceful time when balance will be re-established. Our true past will be exposed which is necessary for us to move forwards.

Michael Tellinger has done some amazing work uncovering our ancient roots in South Africa. If you don’t know his work you should check him out. He is a very good speaker and has made plenty of videos. He has discovered ancient technology and perhaps what it did. He is uncovering the many layers of deception. What we are taught may be only a recent invention. I don’t think he has the whole story, the Anunnaki are definitely not the Elohim, but he’s obviously never met an Elohim. That is a rare experience for the moment and doesn’t negate his research even if he still uses conventional scientific methods – most researchers do.

If you want to understand how much the ruling elite has changed even recent history here is a website that explores it most thoroughly megaliths.org It has hundreds of videos that each explore the fabricated history we learned at school. Sylvie Iwanova has a very fine mind and explains everything in simple language that anyone can understand. Here is a good video to start with. It is an interesting new perspective of our past. There appears to be a centralised lie. The truth is slowly coming out and it may shock you but that will be worth it. Nearly everything we have learned about our past is highly questionable.

Here is another YouTube channel I find very interesting. It looks at India from an insiders point of view but says much the same things.

This next video looks at his story in New Zealand, something I have an interest in myself.

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