The dark gives us endless delusion. It tries to convince us that we can never win. We already have. That’s times little secret, every eventuality is there, we only have to choose it.

What’s more there is no price to pay. Payment is another dark device, something that is pretty useless. We are under a spell, a misconception that we have to do something to free ourselves. We are already free.

Let that sink in and the arguments and rhetoric hold no sway. We create everything around us. What have you made today?

Are you happy with your world?

Does it meet your expectations?

If it doesn’t then it’s best not to do anything. Anything you do will create another layer of difficulty to overcome. You cannot fight against things you don’t like. There is another way.

Relax…. let what is happen but hold it in your awareness that it isn’t what you like. Clearly define what is you need and it will manifest exactly as you want.

I was building a new rack for my guitar effects, a harmless stupid thing. I like things neat and tidy and had nearly finished building it but needed an additional shelf. Where I live it’s not very easy to buy the things that you want. I couldn’t just go to a store and buy a bit of wood the right size because the mountains are in the way. My car could probably get me over them if the road is open but it’s mid winter and can be rather icy up at the top. It’s sunny here but I can see the snow from where I live. I thought there must be an easier way.

My intuition told me to look in my shed, the place I put the useless things I’m going to get rid of eventually. I knew there wasn’t any wood in there but had a look anyway. I measured to see how big the bit I needed was which was 49 cm or 19 inches square then I went and had a look. I opened the door and an old computer was right in my way. It was an expensive solid thing. The door on its side was made of metal and looked to be about the right size. I measure it and low and behold it was – exactly. Not only that but it is dual thickness with a taper that works perfectly. It could have been made for it and in a way it was. I did that.

Now I’m not saying that I’m special, I just don’t let things get in the way. My example is what I do every day. That helps the world enormously. I live exactly how I want. By doing that I change what is around me. I don’t have to fight the dark or be an exceptional being. Just like you I already am. Projecting that effects us all. The more of us that do it the better our world will be.

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  1. Thank you for writing Illusions. And, I love the mandala — it moves when you move it. I love mandalas! I’m so happy you posted this!

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