I’m Hu-man

What does that mean?

It means I’m incarnate on this planet we call Earth in a male body this time.

The only reason I am here is to change things. I didn’t come here to be comfortable, to be famous or successful. I came here to make a difference, to make this world more comfortable for others. To help. Very many millions of us did that.

You don’t help by being difficult, by complaining or loads of other crap we label being negative …. you probably all know what I mean.

We came to change the status quo but do that without real effort, just by being here.

You can’t help if you’re half asleep. You need to be totally awake and aware and fully in your power. A dynamic virtuoso. Its a tough call.

The most profound thing you can do is to create a smooth and effortless transition for everyone.

To manifest the new without sorrow, pain, discomfort or fear.

You only need hold that desire – clearly and intently

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