Over this lifetime I have gradually discovered things that might perhaps be considered fanciful but the pattern they reveal is complex and vibrant. It explains a lot.

Like everyone I asked the simple questions:

Who am I?

How did I get here?

What happens when we die?

Most of the answers given to us don’t satisfy, they brush aside such enquiry or give nonsensical answers. The pundits who try to answer only reveal their ignorance or hide behind superstition. The given answers are often just the indoctrination they have been exposed to. They are deeply unsatisfying. The ones who know can’t tell you, you must find out for yourself. They can only point you gently in the right direction which is inwards.

It has taken over fifty years but I now have answers. Every body (two words) will give a different answer. Nobody tells you how to discover them. Some say they do but after a little investigation its painfully obvious they don’t. We have the means but the answers are not outside anyway. We are told that this is the realm of philosophies and religion.


We each have the ability to find out anything at all. We don’t need  faith or belief. We only need to know how to ask.

I am not fond of tics, politics, economics or religions. They have been modified to separate us and would make us believe that we are inferior. We are all one but you need the answer to the first question before you can make this statement. It is something you experience.

How is up to you and depends on who you are, each one of us is different. We each need to find a personal connection. The timing has to be right but we are in a very different now, one that is very conducive to our finding answers. It is the perfect time to do it.

I have shared all my answers on this blog but have also put them into an ebook which you can download for free.

It was a journey. My next post tells you how to get it.

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