It’s not in the details

We look at this and that, analyse and criticize change our minds – it keeps us busy.

I have been busy defining the difference between the Piscean age and the Aquarian. I didn’t mean to it just sort of happened. I am old enough to have experienced the transition.

The Piscean age was an age of learning of processes, seminars, retreats and courses. They were spiritual, holistic, designed to wake us up. There were teachers, gurus and masters. We learned a lot but that was all external, we did as we were told, guided and advised. We didn’t know enough….

The Aquarian age is very different. We come together to generate explosive growth in collective awareness. We are awake we find our own inner guidance, we cognise, we feel the right direction to grow. We take full responsibility, we are our true selves constantly. We don’t take prisoners…. we don’t need to fight – hang on I probably have a flower somewhere.

I am designed to push buttons, I’m very good at it. It is one of my gifts and I give it freely.

Are you stuck?

Is your mind full? Don’t worry it’s only a small part of who you are and will empty automatically if you leave it.

There are a few things to leave behind.

Fear, being controlled and not knowing. Tricky perhaps if you cling to the past but it doesn’t matter. The past has long gone even if you haven’t noticed.

Does any of this matter?

No not really. We can get by without it but being awake is a responsibility, you can’t keep pushing the snooze button.

We’re now fully in the Aquarian Age, a time of knowing, of Love and understanding.

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