It’s not your fault

One of the dark’s twists to our thinking that has been very effective is that we are in the wrong and have caused all the problems we see around and within us. It is not your fault. It is just a guilt trip.

Yes it is our responsibility to change things. But negative scenarios are used to manipulate and control us. We didn’t create them, we have been subject to them. This applies especially if you are a Light Worker.

Even the new age councillors buy into it. Yes you are responsible for your own well being but we did not cause our circumstances. That includes the family we were born in. Our karma if you want to look at it like that. Even that can and has been manipulated always to our detriment. One of the joys of the Light is that we overcome these restrictions and can bring the Light in anyway. It makes us stronger. Resistance is futile works both ways.

But none of the dark’s work on the Earth is our fault, it is what has been done to us and our planet. There is no need to accept it. We can change anything including karma and that is what we are doing now. That is our responsibility, our mission is to Light up the world regardless.

The dark control system has made our lives intentionally difficult. They are the ones who made the control structure that underlies everything. They hamper us at every turn. They chastise us with the faults they have created. It covers everything; from the idea that we are sinners found in Christianity to that we are polluting our environment.

We are the sinned against and pollution free technology has been intentionally withheld from us, to answer both my examples. Even that we age the way we do is intentional and not at all necessary. Our bodies have been downgraded. We were even taught to fear death which is in most peoples awareness. Every fear is bullshit.

The dark beings who controlled us don’t have our interests at heart. We don’t start the wars and conflicts, they provoke them. They use them as another tool to control us. I’m sure you are already aware of the many factions of the oligarchy and I don’t need to go into that but question the motivation of even the masters. Why are we held responsible?

On a personal level we are told it is human nature to take advantage of others. But that is how we have been taught to behave, by example and by pressure from the social construct they created for us. It isn’t who we are. We only participated by tacit agreement until we woke up. For a long time we knew no better.

The dark bound us into accepting their rule by money which is a tool they like the most. Fear of lack and of loosing what we have is the main ingredient. We don’t actually need money at all, it servers no evolutionary purpose. We use it because we know no better – not yet anyway, but money is in its death throws and it wont be long before we can get rid of it. We will all get plenty soon as a way to compensate and revise our thinking; to let everybody comprehend they don’t actually need it. That is all in hand.

Individual growth is stifled at every turn. It has been very difficult to evolve. The most common snare is the poor ego. Nearly everybody buys into that one. We are told we have to overcome the ego to learn to go beyond it when the ego has a very useful function. Every part of us is of value.

The ego defines us, it is what makes each of us an individual and different. An egotist is someone who has a very small ego, someone so insecure they can only think of themselves. That is held up as someone with a big ego but that is only a very clever twist. Can you see the difference?

Someone who is self aware has the larger ego. Ego means I am. They know who they are, they are part of the whole. They don’t need anything from those around them and can give selflessly. They know themselves as a part of creation and are comfortable inside and out. They are self contained.

The dark is so very good at twisting how we think. It manages it even with channels and teachers. You have to find the answers for yourself.

One way around all this crap is to stop thinking. It sounds impossible but only requires a different way of functioning. You have been taught to think and are used to it but there is a better way. To be in the moment and handle every situation instantly. To even let thoughts come if they want. To be fully responsible.

It is the goal of many of the teachings but it isn’t difficult. It is very hard to explain, to think your way through to it. But you can do it is effortless in an instant. You only have to let go of the mind.

The chatterbox in your head isn’t who you are. It is only a process, something that you do. You may find it hard to stop thinking but that isn’t who you are. Most of what you think is being projected at you anyway. Thoughts are useful but only when you have mastered stopping them. I have written about that in more detail here.

I have a different approach to doing things, most people say take tiny steps. How boring when you can take a giant leap any time you like.

This isn’t a different mindset I’m talking about. It is a completely different awareness.

We can all do it. Jump from x to y instantly without going through all the other letters which takes time. Time is an illusion and so is linier thinking. We have already done the bits in between when we decide to do something, we don’t have to experience them. That is genius. We can all be geniuses.

We have been taught from an early age that we need to think before we speak. I say speak before you think, but you need to speak from the heart. Learning to speak from the heart is easy you simply say what you feel. What comes out will give you a lot of information. I do it when I’m writing, which is a way of talking, and learn so much from it. It is a stepping back a letting go. We are such control freaks but that is how we are taught.

The small part of you, the surface value if you like, gets in the way. When you let that go you speak effortlessly from the heart. Yes it can be embarrassing – mainly to others. Telling someone they are being an arsehole is rather challenging but if you keep your mouth shut how will they ever know. Telling someone they are amazing is very invigorating for everyone involved.

Those who really listen will benefit, the others will simply ignore or reject you. That is their choice. We are frightened to speak up because of the consequences but look at what is happening in Hollywood. Those who abused power have been removed when those who were abused spoke up. Being silent may be easier and less frightening but it doesn’t get the job done.

It isn’t politically correct perhaps but it’s much more fun. We are so inhibited we don’t like to upset other people. That is because doing that makes us uncomfortable. We don’t like to be uncomfortable we don’t want to hurt other people. That is fair enough but if you speak from the heart you aren’t going to be malicious. You have to trust yourself. To accept any discomfort because it will stimulate change. You may not get it right at first but you will learn how to let go of control. If your intention is for the best that will be felt and the outcome will be to your benefit.

Progress is far too slow for me. If we all did this we would clear up most misunderstandings very fast. I applaud those who have mastered non-confrontational communication but they are still using their heads. They are being rational, reasonable and fair. That will only work with people who do the same.

If we want to progress really quickly we need to use another approach. The “people” will pick it up effortlessly because they follow even if that is unconsciously. We are all part of the collective. In order that we lead it you need to be first. First to try new things.

You can do it, we can all take that plunge. If you hesitate and think about it, it’s already too late. You have to be fearless and let go. Allow the moment. Try it next time you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Express it. You will be amazed.

Once you have done it for a while you can resurrect the thinking process any time you like. I find when I look for answers I often get them so fast it isn’t really thinking. It is tapping into the wholeness that we all are. They come fully formed in great detail.

I am writing about taking full responsibility. To do that first we need to detach from the idea that we created this mess. We didn’t we were born into it. It was created intentionally. Even if we were part of creating it we don’t remember. We came here to change it not worry about who is responsible.

We can change it by our individual actions. The more powerful they are they more influence we have. You can’t do that when dragging a guilt trip along behind you. Young children don’t, we can learn from them. We can remove ourselves from what is around us and create the new paradigm by living it. It takes guts and determination to be the best you can.

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  1. Right on! Love it, and totally agree…. Many things hold us back from our true identity, true presence, our true power……., and then in one moment we can dispel the delusion and see through the construct of limited thinking…. The artists will often lead the way, as it is the requirement of true art to see through the veil. As the Rayman told everyone: “everything is possible”!

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